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Saturday, March 22, 2008

it's just me..

whoever who have sat my car..
thinks i drive really slow but unfortunately not steadily..
which i would admit.. T.T

that's why i decided to practice more..
my car is ready for days..
erm, technically it belongs to my uncle..
but he gave the permission for me to use it.. hehe..

so yeah, what i like about this car is that..
it is higher than other cars, eg: Kancil or Civic..
which makes it easier for me to see the cars in front..
and thank god the side mirrors are big enough..
*to Xin: it's definitely bigger than yours.. hehe*
and the air-cond quite cold la.. i like..=)

what i don't like about this car is that..
it can be really bumpy if i speed a little..
and the colour is nice but a bit too striking..
it's bright orange in colour!

means if i do something wrong on the road..
other drivers would curse me like this:
"the stupid girl in her stupid orange car !@#$%^&!"
and they might consider chasing me from behind..
if i ponteng classes, people will notice too! T.T

let me tell you a very sad driving experience..
i drove my brother to TTDI this afternoon..
my dad was in the car with me la..
*please note that this is my first time driving that car*

i asked my bro to leave the house 30 minutes earlier..
but he just kept complaining about how early it was..
and so he took his own sweet time..
only when it started to rain heavily that he decided to leave..

and my parking skills suck big time man!
my side parking and front parking still ok..
my reverse parking is.. erm.. horrible!
i don't know how much should i turn my steering wheel..
so my dad was like practically screaming at me..
he was like: "turn! turn! turn!some more!"
and i was like "turn where? enough or not?" T.T

ok, then all the way to TTDI traffic jam..
good for me cos i can go like really really slow..
maximum speed possible was 20 km/hr.. hehe..

at this particular junction, i wanted to turn left..
i thought i was in the correct lane..
cos the arrow showed "left and go straight"..
but according to my dad, i was in the wrong 1 la..
then this black Myvi which i gave way earlier..
and was on my right suddenly start squeezing near me..

i thought he wanted to go straight on his lane
cos he did not show any signal..
but apparently not, he's going the same direction as i am..
i slowed down, but it seems not slow enough..
so my dad just kept shouting "slow! slow!"

and i was sandwiched between 2 cars..
one whose head exceeded the white line at the junction..
and the other is the Myvi 5cm away from me..
so obviously the Myvi hooted at me la.. for like 5 seconds!
i did not stop right in the middle to give way..
i just went forward because as a stubborn-headed,
i want to get away from the Myvi as far as possible.. =P
which earned me more scolding.. sigh..

next was on the way back..
this time is another junction which i have to cross..
i get kinda freak out when i see cars zooming fast..
so like a blur case trying to cross the road..=.="

sigh.. my driving have lots more to improve!
fighting!! fighting!! i can do it!! =)

going to visit my grandparents tomorrow..
probably my last Ching Ming for the next 5 years..
and i kinda miss my grandpa..
he probably has been reincarnated in another dimension!
hope that they are all well.. =)

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