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Thursday, March 13, 2008

more to say..

i don't know why..
but i suddenly felt like blogging again..
3 days in a row.. alamak! mana boleh?

first up is about the class picture we took..
everyone was to wear blue yesterday..
Jia Le's idea supported by Yizhen.. hehe..
and that was when i realised i don't have blue tops!
i wear jeans most of the time so i don't buy blue tops..
so yeah.. i wore purplish blue instead! XD

in the blues~

by the stairs.. *blocking people's way some more*

i love this picture so much! XD

next is about immobilised enzyme experiment..
it's for this week's Biology practical..
i actually thought it was super chun and fun lor!

Support Meng Yean, Support Malaysia! *claps claps*

by the way, those are the immobilised enzymes..
many thanks to Shi Wen who came up with
that fantastic idea to arrange them nicely..^^
and thank you for the creative slogan too!
*mianhae for the forgetfulness!*

steps to produce the white immobilised enzymes:

1. to beaker A,add 5cm cube of well-stirred yeast.
2. add same amount of distilled water and stir well.
3. extract 3cm cube of that mixture into a test tube.
4. add 3cm cube of alginate (very sticky) to the mixture.
5. make sure you stir the contents well!
6. in beaker B, place 3cm depth of calcium chloride.
7. use a glass rod, by holding it level with the rim of beaker,
to drop some yeast-alginate mixture into beaker B.
8. a bead about 0.5mm in diameter should be produced.
9. repeat the process to get more beads. remember to stir
the yeast-alginate solution continuously!
10. the beads can be picked up using a pair of forceps.

to produce yellow immobilised enzymes, do this:
1. add bromothymol blue solution into a test tube.
2. place the beads made just now into it.
3. pour off the liquid after 20 minutes.

as easy as ABC huh?
oh my god, i feel like a teacher..
according to my career test which is based on my interest,
i can be a long list of teachers.. which i don't intend to! T.T

thank you for taking your time
to read my nonsensical blog.. hee~

to my books, here i come! =)

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