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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

pink day..

i was the first to arrive for Maths class today..
slept a while while waiting for the rest..
then Shi Wen entered and followed by the Psycho gang..
oops, i mean my classmates who take Psychology..=)

Sun Mei was like: "eh, you also wearing pink!"
then i only took notice..
basically half the girls were wearing pink..
and none of us planned to wear together..
cool leh?

all in pink.. *sorry, Yik Sheng isn't the best photographer!*

seems like the Breast Cancer Awareness Day..
minus the pink ribbon, of cos.. hehe..

anyway, if any of you have been online..
you probably have seen my personal message..

not the one "CHUN is sooooo H.O.T.!!"
cos it has been and will be there for quite a while.. XD

i was talking about Question Of The Day:
if you were a lesbian/gay,
who would you choose as a partner?

Sangeeta asked the class about this just now..
tough question huh?
everyone gave an answer except Yizhen..
she was recently attached and insisted on not participating..
but it really kept my rusty mind thinking..
cos that have never crossed my mind!

what kind of appearance and personality?
it's much more difficult than thinking of an ideal boyfriend!
at that time, the options were only limited to my class..
so i chose the safe choices: either Melissa or Shi Wen!

why? why? why?
they both have different personalities but we clicked well..
it has to depend on my mood at that moment..

Melissa is the outgoing kind of gal..
she's easy to get along with..
emphasizes how H.O.T. guys are very frequently..
sometimes even about herself.. haha..
although she can't really stay put at 1 place and 1 option..
she's enthusiastic if she really want something..=)

Shi Wen is the a little bit more reserved kind of gal..
but if get to know her better, she can actually talk..
as in more than you have expected before..
she's very focused on her goals and her love..
like medicine, Yunho of DBSK and other Korean waves..
she meticulously planned her future..
which have influenced me quite a bit.. hehe..

and guess what?
Sangeeta chose me of all people..
she said i was motherly (ya meh?) , easy to talk to,
stable (??) and level headed.. aww.. i am so touched!
i thank you but i hope it will never happen.. XD

i prefer to be an attached-to-a-straight-tall-male female..
or stay as straight-and-single female for the rest of my life..
than to have a sengeted relationship with another female!
seriously, i would mind a lot..

but what if, i mean IF (which i hope will not happen)
YOU suddenly became lesbian/gay? who would YOU choose?
just give it a thought will ya?

p/s: today was a funny, funny day!
p/p/s: can't believe XXX still managed to tag along today!
p/p/p/s: i am missing the oh-so-chunted-CHUN!!

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