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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kia Kee Concept Car

guess what? guess what?

i just have to blog about this! hee~

believe it or not is up to you..
because some unknown e-mailed me
all the way from MANCHESTER, i tell you..
about this freaking good news..
the results of KIA Motors E-mail Lottery Promotion
which was held on 14th March 2008!

my e-mail was attached to this ticket number
and some draw number which made me
the winner of 2nd category prize!
and i am among one of the 45 lucky winners.. OMG!!

i have just WON a brand new Kia Kee Concept Car..
and the cash prize is better still..
a whopping GBP 750,000!!
means if converted to RM, i am a MILLIONAIRE!!
and i have one week to claim my prize..
OMG!!! i can't believe that i am this LUCKY!!!

so now, i can pay up all my future university fees..
and upon completion of my course,
i can open a dental clinic and ask Wu Chun to marry me! =))))

have a look at the car i will be driving on the road..
but please do not make me your driver..
just because you want to sit my Kia Kee car.. k?

*drooling session officially starts now*

Kia Kee Concept Car..

front view..

rear view..

sneak peek inside the car..

the driver's seat.. on the left? *gulps*

out of curiousity, i went to Kia Motors UK website..
i saw this on the screen:

"Important notice:
It has come to our attention that there is currently
an email hoax being sent round on behalf of Kia Motors
informing participants that they have won
a cash prize of £550,000. (i have won more than that..=P)
This email has not been sent by Kia Motors and
we would recommend anybody that has received this email
to delete it from their systems."

sigh.. and my dreams came crashing down.. =(((

*so long, farewell, it's time to say goodbye~*
*goodbye~ goodbye~ good~ bye~~~*

just for your information,
if i were to accumulate all the cash prizes i have won..
as in from the stupid spam e-mails..
i would be richer than the richest person in the world!
i heard Bill Gates no longer hold that post..
so i can't name him/her.. *paiseh*

lessons to be learnt:
1. be hyper only after you have confirm something..
2. only stupid people will believe these spam mails..
3. who the hell offer GBP 750,000 for nothing?
4. figure out how this smartass got my e-mail..
5. delete stupid e-mails or don't bother opening them..
6. day dreaming will not turn into reality..
7. Wu Chun will never marry me..
8. whack yourself if you actually believed what i typed..
9. this post is a WARNING to all!!

but really, would you buy this car for me? *blink blink eyes*

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