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Sunday, March 16, 2008

UCC interview

i had my interview for UCC, Ireland this morning..
left the house 20 minutes later than planned..
so i pestered my dad to drive faster.. hehe

so by the time i reached Concorde Hotel, KL..
i was 15 minutes early.. thank god!!
you don't give people a good first impression being late..
i went to register myself.. and you know what?
i was the first in line for UCC!!

since there are other Irish universities' interviews too,
i have a feeling i got rejected for Trinity..
but "choi! tai ka lai si!" *touch wood*
hopefully, they'll e-mail me soon..=)

anyway, my interviewers were really nice..
they just can't stop smiling.. like every second!
which calmed me at first but kinda freak me out..
cos i wasn't sure whether i said the right or wrong thing!
basically the questions where more about
getting to know me rather than about dentistry
and to test whether i can speak English fluently..

the questions:
1. tell me about yourself.
2. tell me about your parents.
3. why do you want to study dentistry?
4. do you know anything about Ireland?
5. do you know anybody famous from Ireland? (no.. T.T)
6. have you been outside this country before? (duh~)
7. do you read books?
8. whose books do you read? (authors)
9. what do you learn by reading those books?
10. how well do you use your fingers?
11. what are the examples of your manual dexterity?
12. how do your friends describe you?
13. so is dentistry your wild or detailed dream?
14. what are your favourite subjects?
15. how did you fare for your O Levels?
16. do you have any questions?

i have used like hours preparing potential questions..
and they only asked 3 out of 30 of them!
i was more prepared compared to the last one..
i felt so "zhao dou" la..

and i think i screwed questions 4, 5 and 11..
which made me really sad..
i was practically crapping at question 4..
at question 5, they know i am stupid..
which is a fact, cos my general knowledge sucks! sigh..

at question 11, i stammered.. T____T
i made a total fool out of myself, i tell you..
i was like practically cracking my head into half!
and i can't believe i forgot to mention that
a friend once said i was motherly!
that might help cos patients like motherly dentists?
they must be thinking what are weird gal this is.. *cries*

*cross my fingers*
i really hope it all went well.. really..
the questions were extremely random, you know..
but thank god they didn't ask about my subjects..
as in what i learnt in class.. i'll go blank!
cos i heard the medicine interview for Trinity..
they asked about AS biology for god's sake.. *phew*

anyway, met Melissa after i came out..
my interview took less than 15 minutes!
but the girl after me took less than 10 minutes..
Melissa's is also around my time.. it's her first interview!
so i don't know whether i should worry or not.. hehe..

i just realised there's a lot more for me to revise!
Chemistry halfway through, Maths done once,
Biology only started 3 chapters.. oh my god!

here's something else unrelated..
cutting onions really can make you tear..
i was cutting some just now and my eyes hurt a lot!
last time i did, nothing happened wor.. weird..

ok, time for me to go.. tata~

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