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Thursday, November 27, 2008

chinese visitors!

i realized i havent been blogging or going online lately..
what to do? i kinda have fixed schedules everyday.. hehe..

i woke up extremely late today!
like at 7.18am according to the time shown on my phone..
usually at that time, i am already sitting in the car..
so i was rushing like crazy.. i broke my own record..
i was ready in 10mins! like how fast is that?
and obviously panting by the time i reached the car.. =P

i believe it was because i finally slept in my own room..
on my extremely comfy bed after two long weeks..
i have been sleeping in cousin Creamy's home
as i have to sacrifice my room for guests from China..
so every night i'll be like an immigrant in pyjamas
carrying 2 bags, looking for shelther.. haha..

since my dad and his brothers sponsored their trip here..
free flight, free accomodation, free food! so untung hor?
they flew in from Hainan Island by AirAsia..
we (excluding me) had to bring them around sight seeing..
i only spent time with them at home.. hehe..

a day trip to Malacca..

night view of KLCC..

visited Bukit Tinggi..

the Pagoda on the way to Genting Highlands..

at First World Indoor Theme Park.. i doubt they played!

Batu Caves.. i have only passed by the road!

at some river.. i never knew existed in the Klang Valley..

amused by tudung-clad Malays.. so had to take a picture!

they also went to KL tower.. i haven't been up there either.. T_T

visited Agong's palace unlike me.. i am not Malaysian enough..

they even went to the temple i went to during NS days..

anyway, the Chinese visitors are actually our relatives..
they were here to surprise my aunt..
nobody mentioned that they were attending her birthday!

birthday cake no.1 during my aunt's birthday lunch..

this was supposed to be a "thank-you-darling" kiss!

souvenirs imported all the way from Hong Kong!

my latest family portrait in the longest time!

birthday cake no.2 bought by the nieces and newphews..

the lovebirds played waiter and waitress of the night! priceless~

the boys who used to look alike..

the girls.. Lisyn just came down from Perth!

i asked them to feed each other.. but it turned out like that?

not forgetting the luggage bag from the nieces and newphews!

this basically sums up my long distant relatives' trip here!
most likely it would be their first and last time in Malaysia..
so i have to blog it out for their rememberance.. lol..

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i crave for movies/series!!!

i am lack of blogspiration lately..
i think it's because of my super boring life i am having now..
weekdays are like dedicated to my work!

by 6.30 every morning i'll be up and getting ready..
then i'll spend my entire day at the office..
i'll be back home around 6pm at the earliest..
and if i am unlucky and get stuck in the jams..
it'll be around 8pm or so.. how sad is that? T____T
then i'll watch tv and do some reading before i sleep!

my weekends however is a complete opposite..
i'll wake up by noon.. i can really sleep in, so don't play play..
basically half a day is gone.. haha..
lately the outings i went are for eating only..
then i dilly-dally and my weekends are gone!

how boring can my life be?

ANYWAY, that's it for my tantrums.. =P

now, let's move on to the next topic..
which may bore some of you, and may excite the rest!
i bet you have guessed it right.. SHOWS!!!

first one up would be a Korean movie called Antique..

it was aired in Korean cinemas since November 13..
the same goes for Singapore.. but why not in Malaysia?
just because it is a bit Brokeback Mountain-ish?
or it's because Korean fan base is bigger in the South?
the latter is highly unlikely though.. *wonders*

there are 2 options for me..
one is watching from the cinemas and the other is..
you-know-where-la.. it's a-word-that-must-not-be-named!

watch the trailer here.. Joo Ji Hoon is smoking.. EWWW!

next up is Love or Bread / 我的億萬麵包..

this series is being broadcast right now in Taiwan..
every Sunday night.. like the usuals.. since 16 November..
i absolutely love this couple.. they look so good together!

ooh.. i can't wait to watch! haha..

the similarity of the two shows above?
my favourite actors starred in them! =DDD

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

where my first pay cheque went..

ok, thanks to my mum who invited the rest of the people..
i get to treat 12 people for dinner..
using the money i have earned during my stint at IMU!

we spent quite sometime to order our dishes..
well, they were considered enough to do so..
cos they know i earn very much less than they do! haha..

so basically each of us ordered a main course..
in addition to 2 large pizzas.. hehe..
i just had to take pictures of all the food we ordered..
my very first.. just for my memories..

Align CenterSpicy Italian Sausage Linguine..

Chicken Steak with pasta..

Spaghetti Carbonara..

Spaghetti Bolognese..

Seafood Penne Marina..

Prawn Linguine with Garlic and Red Chilli..

Fettucini Con Funghi

Marinara Pizza

Pollo Tropicale Pizza

the adults who were overjoyed that i belanja them..

the younger generation.. =D

my chubby bro with the obvious enough sign..

anyway, when the bill arrived..
the waiter gave it to my dad who summoned it to me..
the waiter was bewildered! so was i..

it was a hefty RM600 plus!!!

and for God's sake..
do you think i would splurge those kind of money on food?
especially when it's supposed to be out from my pocket?

NO~ NO~ NO~ *thinks of Amy Winehouse*

although i do enjoy eating..
people were actually surprised about that fact..
anyway, back to my topic..

this was what made me STILL sane.. no joke!

where else? at IZZI, Damansara Uptown.. =)

like my grandma used to say..
money that flows out will eventually flow in..
i will hold dearly to this saying.. which is quite true!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008


update: Sang, if you ever read this..
i think i saw RASH RASH RASH just now..
he was here for a couple of times ed.. haha..

i just made a call to Seoul, Korea!!!

it was to a house number..
i tried calling the handphone number few times..
but was greeted by this voicemail thingy in Korean..

Boris made me call the guy, he says give me chance wor..
he deals with Korean girls..
while i am supposed to deal with the Korean guys..
*Hwa Rang* we talked bout him fairly often in the office.. haha..

anyway, guess how the receipent greet me?


i was awed.. *swoons*
he sounded hot.. i hope he is hot though!
it wasn't the intended receipient.. but his brother!

i have never imagined i would ever hear that in my life..
i mean other than from the Korean drama series..

so i am pretty hyper right now.. haha..
i think i should start learning and practising Korean..
since i bought a Korean phrase book few weeks back! =P

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

happenings at work

as you have seen in my previous posts..
i mentioned that we get constant supply of food in the office
which is so so true that i can quote outsiders' remarks:

"i always see you all munching every time i am here!"

"wah, eat again ah? every day the table got food.."

"what party are you guys having here again?"

so on Monday, instead of free food.. usually leftovers..
we had Pizza Hut delivered and bought Secret Recipe cakes..
the occasion? 3 birthdays and 1 pre-delivery celebration..

the yummylicious food we had at 5pm..

gotcha! my boss started eating even before everyone arrived..

self-service at the big round table..

oh, my boss gave birth to a baby girl this afternoon..
the day Barrack Obama won the Presidential election..
Congratulations Miss Charmaine!!! =D
so she'll be on maternity leave till January next year..

anyway, many thanks to Boris..
he taught me how to play Minesweeper the correct way!

for my entire life, i thought Minesweeper is a game of luck..
you know, like trying for jackpot?
so i usually just click click click then get bombed!
but then only on Monday, 3 November 2008..
i found out you actually need to think.. like Suduku..
each number represents the bombs surrounding the box..

my first ever Minesweeper win using correct tactics! XD

look at this two documents that were meant for students..

noticed the difference?
the top document is a work of patience and delicate hands..
while the bottom one was a product of "cincai-lah" attitude..
who to thank? the only guy colleague in the office.. *whack*

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

their stupid ideology

i read the papers this morning..
i don't know whether i should be laughing or crying!
you decide ok?

previously is a big no-no to tomboys..
i think it's for girls who act and look like boys..
not sure and don't care cos i don't think it concerns me.. =P

now it seems that there'll be fatwa on yoga..
which is to be announced this coming Friday..
meaning Muslims are banned to practice yoga..

why you may ask?
those smart-asses, as i would call them..
fear that yoga could deviate Muslims from their teachings!

read more about it here..

is it due to how the fingers are positioned?

or the upside down pose that may cause a tsunami in us?

or feet above the head can make us stupid?

or showing off the butt and fart at the person behind us?

or guys and girls holding on each others' hands and feet?

not that i practice yoga or anything..
i have a friend or two who do so though..
so i have heard a bit on how yoga can help us..
it allows us to be relax from our over-stressed lifestyles..
and it keeps our muscles stretching..
you can even try weird poses that will awe other people! XD

so how does chilling deviate us from our religious teaching?

even babies can do yoga.. so cute right??

this is why i enjoy reading articles like this..
it may be freaking long but it will not bore you..
cos it's how open-minded Muslims, which i prefer.. duh~
trash their close-minded counterparts.. haha..
it is always the latter who make a fool out of themselves!

we should have more of these outspoken people around..
i mean the open-minded ones for God's sake..
then Malaysia would be a much better place to live in.. =)))

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