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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

happenings at work

as you have seen in my previous posts..
i mentioned that we get constant supply of food in the office
which is so so true that i can quote outsiders' remarks:

"i always see you all munching every time i am here!"

"wah, eat again ah? every day the table got food.."

"what party are you guys having here again?"

so on Monday, instead of free food.. usually leftovers..
we had Pizza Hut delivered and bought Secret Recipe cakes..
the occasion? 3 birthdays and 1 pre-delivery celebration..

the yummylicious food we had at 5pm..

gotcha! my boss started eating even before everyone arrived..

self-service at the big round table..

oh, my boss gave birth to a baby girl this afternoon..
the day Barrack Obama won the Presidential election..
Congratulations Miss Charmaine!!! =D
so she'll be on maternity leave till January next year..

anyway, many thanks to Boris..
he taught me how to play Minesweeper the correct way!

for my entire life, i thought Minesweeper is a game of luck..
you know, like trying for jackpot?
so i usually just click click click then get bombed!
but then only on Monday, 3 November 2008..
i found out you actually need to think.. like Suduku..
each number represents the bombs surrounding the box..

my first ever Minesweeper win using correct tactics! XD

look at this two documents that were meant for students..

noticed the difference?
the top document is a work of patience and delicate hands..
while the bottom one was a product of "cincai-lah" attitude..
who to thank? the only guy colleague in the office.. *whack*

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