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Sunday, November 9, 2008

where my first pay cheque went..

ok, thanks to my mum who invited the rest of the people..
i get to treat 12 people for dinner..
using the money i have earned during my stint at IMU!

we spent quite sometime to order our dishes..
well, they were considered enough to do so..
cos they know i earn very much less than they do! haha..

so basically each of us ordered a main course..
in addition to 2 large pizzas.. hehe..
i just had to take pictures of all the food we ordered..
my very first.. just for my memories..

Align CenterSpicy Italian Sausage Linguine..

Chicken Steak with pasta..

Spaghetti Carbonara..

Spaghetti Bolognese..

Seafood Penne Marina..

Prawn Linguine with Garlic and Red Chilli..

Fettucini Con Funghi

Marinara Pizza

Pollo Tropicale Pizza

the adults who were overjoyed that i belanja them..

the younger generation.. =D

my chubby bro with the obvious enough sign..

anyway, when the bill arrived..
the waiter gave it to my dad who summoned it to me..
the waiter was bewildered! so was i..

it was a hefty RM600 plus!!!

and for God's sake..
do you think i would splurge those kind of money on food?
especially when it's supposed to be out from my pocket?

NO~ NO~ NO~ *thinks of Amy Winehouse*

although i do enjoy eating..
people were actually surprised about that fact..
anyway, back to my topic..

this was what made me STILL sane.. no joke!

where else? at IZZI, Damansara Uptown.. =)

like my grandma used to say..
money that flows out will eventually flow in..
i will hold dearly to this saying.. which is quite true!

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1 comment:

Kai's mum said...

Hi, I found your post funny. I was reading my friend's post of "where my first pay cheque will go..." and I didn't know why, why I googled "my first pay cheque", and found yours and read yours with great interest.
I think the restaurant is the one I have been to several times in the UK, it's called Zizi. I used it several times for team dinner, as my colleagues all loved Italian food, so did I.
Good luck with your job and happy Chinese New Year to you!