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Sunday, November 2, 2008

their stupid ideology

i read the papers this morning..
i don't know whether i should be laughing or crying!
you decide ok?

previously is a big no-no to tomboys..
i think it's for girls who act and look like boys..
not sure and don't care cos i don't think it concerns me.. =P

now it seems that there'll be fatwa on yoga..
which is to be announced this coming Friday..
meaning Muslims are banned to practice yoga..

why you may ask?
those smart-asses, as i would call them..
fear that yoga could deviate Muslims from their teachings!

read more about it here..

is it due to how the fingers are positioned?

or the upside down pose that may cause a tsunami in us?

or feet above the head can make us stupid?

or showing off the butt and fart at the person behind us?

or guys and girls holding on each others' hands and feet?

not that i practice yoga or anything..
i have a friend or two who do so though..
so i have heard a bit on how yoga can help us..
it allows us to be relax from our over-stressed lifestyles..
and it keeps our muscles stretching..
you can even try weird poses that will awe other people! XD

so how does chilling deviate us from our religious teaching?

even babies can do yoga.. so cute right??

this is why i enjoy reading articles like this..
it may be freaking long but it will not bore you..
cos it's how open-minded Muslims, which i prefer.. duh~
trash their close-minded counterparts.. haha..
it is always the latter who make a fool out of themselves!

we should have more of these outspoken people around..
i mean the open-minded ones for God's sake..
then Malaysia would be a much better place to live in.. =)))

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