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Saturday, October 25, 2008

buterfly lovers

i would like to give a big fat hug to Yun Xin! *HUGSHUGS*
thank you my dear for teman-ing me to finally watch
my Chun's first movie - Butterfly Lovers!!!

only airs at 1pm at Cineleisure and 3.40pm at Pyramid daily..

now i get why there's not much advertisement about it..
the first few words that Chun's character spoke..
kinda disappointed me.. not even his voice leh! =(
it seems that his Cantonese is as good as mine..
so i only had his looks to look forward to.. haha..

although we missed the first 10 minutes of the movie..
i thought the movie was pretty good..
i don't think i am being biased about this.. =P
very loving and touching.. i cried at a couple of scenes!
and it had a really sad ending.. aww..

so here's the preview of Butterfly Lovers..
if only it was Chun's voice.. i would say it's perfect! =D

oh btw, Sunway Pyramid's parking was like a maze..
something new for Malaysian car parks.. haha..
i took like 10 minutes to find a freaking car park!

and i did reverse parking today!! *claps claps*
you might think it's an everyday thing..
but not for me.. it was a pretty sharp corner..
only my second time doing so with my car..
and first time parking reversed without guidance!
another accomplishment, i can say.. lol..

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