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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

day trip to Tanjung Sepat

i enjoy the road journeys during the Hari Raya especially!
you can only get these chances this time of the year..
i mean an extremely smooth-sailing one in the Klang valley..
but the balik kampung and balik bandar rush is INSANE!

anyway, today is the first day of Raya..
no celebration for us but instead we went for a day trip..
5 families were involved in this cuti-cuti Tanjung Sepat..=)

we started our journey around 8.30am..
a journey which i actually forgot to bring my handphone!!!
breakfast was at abrestaurant called Alison in Seri Petaling!
there were a lot of food stalls and people.. yum yum!

our next stop was Pantai Sepang Putra..
the beach where Sepang Gold Coast is in construction..
it's not a joke.. this place actually existed..
i think it is in Bagan Lalang or something like that.. hehe..

it was a good day for the whole day today..
windy weather with no hot sun shining over our heads..
so there's no need for sun-tan lotion or sweat.. hehe..

it was an extremely low tide at the beach..
we walked quite far from one corner to another..
to pick up sea-shells, tiny crabs, sea cucumbers and fishes!
we were having quite a bit of fun playing with mud.. lol..

digging for treasure?

look at their catches: crabs!

our shady picnic spot.. =)

the adults were just relaxing themselves under the shade
and ocassionally took long walks along the beach..
uncle Alan even bought a Batman kite to play..
they were trying to reach the max height of 400m!
and it flew pretty high.. just like an eagle.. hehe..
we were there till around 2.30pm before heading for lunch..

seafood lunch was what we had at Tanjung Sepat..
the long wait due to the massive amount of people,
made us leave before our last dish arrived..
it had to be the best one too: spicy and sour crab! aww..
but we were really running late!

next was a place which sells fishballs, "fu zhok" and taufu..
some are ready-cook while others are fresh cold ones..
each family bought a little of everything..
those food were quite delicious.. =)
no pictures though..

Ling Zhi farm was our next destination..
Ling Zhi is some-kind of mushroom btw.. i just found out! XD
the parents bought quite a variety of Ling Zhi products!


more mushrooms..

black mushrooms and Ling Zhi..

racks and racks of mushroom for you to plant at home!

the mushrooms have pretty colours and designs.. cute!

here's a list of cultivated edible mushrooms for you.. =P

at the bridge with breathtaking view at the back of the farm..

the cute pao sign..

this shop, Hai Yew Hing, is our next destination..

there was a lot of people there too..
it is famous for its pao.. but we didn't get to try..
cos they were out of pao!
the next available pao-available session is at 8pm..
and it was only 4 something at that time.. =____=

so instead of leaving the place, we ordered a yummy drink
and Tanjung Sepat's fishballs.. again..

with the just-right-sour "Sha-Lei" / 沙梨 drink.. *slurps*

the adorable Alyna and Alvin enjoying themselves..

this shop advertised on TV and papers before leh!

we went into the kitchen to look at the pao making process..
a few of them were busy preparing more paos..
i got their permission to take pictures and video.. nice! ^^

it only took them like 15 seconds to wrap a pao!

getting ready to steam the paos.. *drools*

cows along the way to our final stop..

a lot of these oil palm estates too.. green is good for the eyes!

guess where was our last stop?
a dragon-fruit farm.. how cool is that? i love dragon fruits!
and of cos the pink fruit over the white one.. hehe..

rows and rows of dragon fruit plant being fertilised..

closed-up.. plastic bags removed specially for our cameras!

we got free-taste of the fruit.. so sweet! such a good buy!

the owner making my drink.. surrounded by wine and jams!

cheers to our dragon fruit milk shakes.. so yummylicious!

and that was my day..
basically this trip of ours was to eat, eat and eat non-stop!
that's why we gave up eating dinner.. hehe..
travelling is really fun if you go in a big group like ours..
absolutely loved and enjoyed the experience..
something like holidaying in China..
go everywhere also must buy something back.. haha..
hopefully we get to do this more often! =)))

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