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Friday, October 10, 2008

my birthday boy wuchun..^^


it has been more than a year since i started liking you..
and i wonder why?
you are the only celebrity i came across..
that actually gave me the feeling of an ordinary guy..
but not some Tom, Dick and Harry.. how nice is that?

i hope you cherished all the moments you've been through..
enjoy the moment you live in..
get excited when you have accomplished a thing..
and do climb up higher after every failure.. =)

i believe she is your mum.. may she bless you always!

being a RMIT graduate took lots of effort huh?

celebrating Chinese New Year with fire-crackers and ang pao!

at the opening ceremony of your brainchild, Fitness Zone

your undying craze over basketball and Michael Jordan..

your gorgeous looks wearing spectacles

throughout your singing career at Fahrenheit

your first male lead role in Tokyo Juliet and in that hairstyle..

showing off your abs and hot body in the Taiwanese HanaKimi

being prince-like: every girl's dream guy in Romantic Princess!

you look good both in suit and casual-wear!

practicing the sword for your first movie, Butterfly Lovers..

chun in action: jumping and walking fast.. =)

the rough hands of yours.. thanks to too much gym training?

hair tied back with a hat? H.O.T!!!

promotion as the ambassador for OSIM

look at your muscles.. *whistles*

never failed to camwhore wherever you go..

thinking.. about me of cos! =P

with a cute teddy.. so huggable! *i just invented a word!*

health-conscious Chun always reminds us to eat more fruits!

Shaolin master in-the-making..

eating whenever and wherever you can.. XD

how many times do i need to mention? H.O.T.!!!

in tight-fitting clothes..erm, no comments

3 years and counting.. you improved each year!

flowers that you planned to surprise me with..*day-dreaming*

at times.. H.O.T. guys like you can look funny too! XD

you and the peace sign! my favourite sign.. ^^V

anyway, 29 pictures to celebrate you 29th birthday!
hope the best for you and get married soon.. haha..
i will try to support you as long as i can! *screams*
i'll try my best to make it to your first ever Malaysian concert!

my dear Chun, Happy Birthday once again.. *hugs*

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