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Friday, October 24, 2008

IMU working life update..

my 1 month of working part-time at IMU is here!
i know i have mentioned this phrase like forever..
but i just have to repeat it.. yup, yet again!

although i may be doing the same stuff over and over again..
every single working day.. which means weekdays only..
cos weekends are strictly for sleeping and relaxing! Haha..
i somehow felt the satisfaction in me upon completion.. =)

yes, all those simple/ boring
and also brain-juice-squeezing/ back-aching tasks..
ranging from data entry, filing, scanning, answering enquiry
through the phone or face-to-face, photostatting hundreds
of papers using the super-duper machine,
scheduling interviews, create template for the new system,
sending stuff to other departments,
taking mails from the pigeon hole (as they call it)
to flipping through piles of newspaper etc..
now i even get to process new applications.. *claps claps*

i have been through all that alright..
and I am still absorbing new stuff and improving each day!
practically like doing what full-timers do,
except with the very much less pay..
this what you get from temporary working full-time! =(

being part of customer services really opened my eyes!
Admissions department is part of servicing customers, right?
it's where potential students and parents first step into!

day by day, i have the guts to answer phone calls..
before this, i simply refused to pick up the ringing phones..
just in case i screw anything up, you see..
but i was told that if I don’t try, i’ll never know..
everyone makes mistakes and usually learn from them!

so each time I am unsure of anything,
i’ll just ask my colleagues..
either with one hand covering
the phone receiver or after i put the
phone down
or pass to someone else then eavesdrop.. haha..

and the BEST satisfaction I actually had so far..
was not my boss thanking me for saving her a day’s work..
or my colleagues acknowledging me for my efficiency..
or the constant supply or free yummy food on daily basis..
or people thanking me over the phone for my help..

instead it is this:
parents who show an effort to pay attention to me talking..
even though they found out i am working part-time..
and soon going-to-be an IMU student next January..
(I look freaking immature wearing T-shirt and jeans to work..
i don’t bother, as I am saving the dress code for future use)
later, they realized I am pretty informative and
well-versed with the courses,
and eventually praise me for that..=)))

i mean how, often adults actually listen to youngsters?
and eventually say “you are pretty good!”?

many thanks to my studying of IMU brochures,
non-stop asking my ever-helpful colleagues questions,
lots of research before I dared to open my mouthful of gold!

anyway, talking about IMU.. this university is pretty happening!
they have activities like every single week since i started work..
even though it was during the exam period.. whoa!

oh.. and remember the hot Korean guy i was talking about?
he's in the IMU Bachelor and Bachelorette 2008 competition..
there's 10 contestants each, representing different courses..
and the finale will be next week i think..
and i found out his name.. Hwa Rang!!! =)

we walked pass each other twice on a particular day..
he smiled at me once, when i smiled at him.. haha..
i think he's only a few cm taller than me.. but he's H.O.T.!
i also found out he's very good at football..
may be i should join the football club next year.. *whacked*

try to spot the HANDSOME Korean guy Hwa Rang in this picture
*i took the picture and that sentence from a GUY's blog*

you see, even guys agree with me!
but i must say, he don't look as good as real life in here..
you can only see slits of his eyes here.. haha..

oh, i dealt and spoke with 3 Koreans who applied to IMU..
the guys were just so-so though..
but the girl was oh-my-god-she's-freaking-pretty!
big eyes, fair and flawless skin, smart with good English..
and nice personality.. she would be a great dentist!

i believe that's all for now..
i noticed that this is a freaking long post..
with lots of words and no pictures..
so i really appreciate you reading it..
i am working ma.. what you expect? =P

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