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Monday, October 6, 2008

back to work!

i have no idea why time passed so quickly today!

i don't remember doing that much of work..
may be is because of the data entry that took me forever..
or photostatting that huge pile of papers..
and end up having to recycle 150 pages of it..
as the printer added a stupid black line on it.. sigh..

and oh, something really made my day brighter today!
i seriously felt more freshen up to finish my work.. =D

i saw a freaking H.O.T. Korean guy with great English accent!

i literally would swoon over him if i were at the counter!
better looking than the Koreans we "stalked" in Taylors!

all i remembered was me busy typing the data.. and then..
i heard a non-Malaysian slang at the counter 2m away..
i took a quick glance to my left.. returned to screen..
and i turned back again and stared for another 5 seconds..
that's what i usually do when i spot a hottie.. XD

from the whole 10 minutes he was standing there..
i lost count of how many times my eyes strayed!
his looks are like the typical Korean celebrities' looks..
not those nerdy guys on the Korean streets.. hehe..
like Yunho of DBSK but more manly.. *wen's eyes brightens*

i tried snapping a picture of him.. carefully and silently..
but my handphone camera failed me..
he's face was just a dot! swt.. swt.. swt..

hopefully he'll still be in IMU when i get in there!
at least can be his friend.. haha.. how i wish..
just imagine having such a hot doctor like him.. *drools*

ok, cut the day-dreaming!!!

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