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Monday, October 13, 2008

Avanti lunch and Sunway Lagoon

on Sunday, we had lunch at Avanti, Sunway Resort Hotel..
to celebrate the anniversary of my dad's company!
basically it was a get-together of the staffs and their family..
we had buffet-style and a main course for each of us too!

and my god, the restaurant was totally packed!!!

i was too indulged at eating the food served in the buffet..
that i absolutely forgot to take picture of them.. haha..
quite a selection of food though.. *drools*

watermelon juice.. nice cup.. but sorry, it was tasteless!

rounds and rounds of beer refills were served..

when you get crayons and a long stretch of table to conteng..

and of cos not forgetting your favourite stars! *whacked*

main course no.1 : salmon

main course no.2: steak

view of our long table from the top..

my favourite dessert.. fruits with chocolate topping!

enjoying our big small portion meals on the big plates.. =)

small gifts bring happiness.. i can only see slits of my eyes!!

the cake.. very chocolatey and costly.. *yum yum*

only after 2pm that we set foot into Sunway Lagoon..
we had all-park wristbands but we didn't go for all of them..
there was not enough time and totally tampered bythe rain!

we only had chance to play at the Extreme Park and Wetlands!
the All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV) ride was a disappointment..
they should have mentioned baby version ATV la..
cos it was sooo tiny compared to the one i rode on last time..
and we toured on the extremely smooth road..
no bumpy rides at all! wasn't it supposed to be jungle-like?

next was paint-ball.. bullshit yet again..
can just shoot 20 bullets at the target..
i thought archery might be a cooler experience.. =.=
if want to have war at the tiny area, got to pay another rm30!

and i can't believe i totally forgot to go for kayak-ing?!!

while waiting for the rain to go away.. we ate!

up next was the water park..
we went for all the tube-rides repeatedly..
i really pity the people who had to push my float down..
it took them and us quite a lot of effort!
cos it was, erm, pretty heavy! my dad sat with me ma.. XD

the waves were pretty fun too!
i found the baby pool waves much nicer than the adults..
plus we had free massage from the big bucket of water!

anyway, it was not very fruitful but sure was tiring day!
slept the moment i reached home.. haha..

experience learnt on the Sunway Lagoon outing?
start entering the theme park as soon as it open its doors..
go only during non-raining season: 1st half of the year..
go with a bunch of friends, guys and girls included..
they must be fun-loving and daring , not the timid type..
and do bring more cash.. it costs a bomb to be in there! =P

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