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Saturday, October 18, 2008

dedications to Uncle Fat

the road trip was unexpectedly our last one all together..
that day, you seemed to be enjoying yourself with the dads..
all the happy and non-stop eating plus chatting moments..
exactly 2 weeks later, you shocked us all and left for God..
now we'll be short of one person for the future trips!

Uncle Fat, you will be deeply missed!

i remember that when we were younger..
you insisted that we call you Uncle Fat!
not because your surname was Fat, i knew it was Liew..
but because it was a funnier name for your size..
although we do not have blood relations,
you were like part of our family..

we'll miss your humour, your laughter and your cooking!
especially when it involves spaghetti and barbeque..
your friendliness and warm-heartedness too..
and yes, you will definitely be part of our memories..

the last picture taken with you at our last stop of the day..

now you are free to travel across the oceans and the skies..
and bless us all here from wherever you will be..
Uncle Fat, may you rest in peace!

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