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Friday, February 29, 2008


since 29 February only occur once every 4 years..
i shall blog to commemorate this day!
*punches and whacks received*

well, my day started pretty badly though..
had a bad scolding from my mum..
due to my laziness from the night before..
so wasn't in a good mood and atmosphere! sigh..

so 1 unhappy thing happened after another..
went to the cafeteria with Yun Xin after reaching college..
supposedly to stalk some Korean dude..
who is as hot as Joo Ji Hoon of Princess Hours fame..
according to Xin la.. i haven't met him though..
cos he didn't turn up where he usually sits.. =.=

anyway, *changing to a happier note*
you guys ought to try this - WORLD MATHS DAY
you have to register for this competition first..
which is to be held on 5 March 2008 at 7pm Malaysian time..
but you can log in to practice!

although it just involves simple 2-digit calculations..
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division only..
it's super FUN and ADDICTIVE and nerve-wrecking at times!
it tests you on how fast you could solve in 60 seconds!
you basically compete with matheletes around the world..
Mr K - my Maths lecturer, introduced this to us.. hehe
so remember to try it oh~

that's it for today.. see you on this day 4 years from now! =)

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

another random update!

i just had to update about this..

it's really random.. so bear with me.. =)

after like nearly 14 months studying at Taylor's..
today was my first time ever eating at the market..
went together with Shi Wen..
it was surprisingly clean and don't stink..
so Ee Ching, you should stop being paranoid.. hehe
*like she reads my blog.. =P*

anyway, my point is the food is SOOO CHEAP!!
like the cheapest meal i ever had in Subang.. =)

this feeling meal cost RM6.80 for two!

my plate of "chap fan" is only RM2.50.. @.@
only 20 cents more than Shi Wen's..
if i eat like this in Asia Cafe, it's gonna cost at least RM3.50!
Melissa suggested we should try the "lin ji kang" there..
i didn't know what it was when i ordered..
i thought it was a herbal tea or something?
it turned out to be quite a big bowl of dessert.. only RM1!!

i am so going there again..
at least when i pokai, i still got food to eat.. lol

Yun Xin just told me a minute ago that..
MY Wu Chun is coming to 1 Utama next Saturday!!
OMG!!! that's like soooo close!!!
who want to go along?
i have a few people in mind who would go.. =)

i also did this test.. and i am the Empress!!
all hail the Empress!! *kena whacked - not copyrighted yet!*

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents,
beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home
decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

of basketball and more basketball

i didn't get a free ticket to Jay Chao's concert..
BUT i had a free 1 to his latest movie..

Kung Fu Dunk

with compliments from Pn Ng, my ex-Chinese teacher..
and thanks to Nanzi who ajak-ed me..=)

something not-so-interesting happened in the cinema..
halfway, no, i mean 20 minutes through the movie..
the sound system went off.. seriously..
and 2 minutes later the screen went blank!
some dude went to complain
and a whole bunch of them went out..
they came back with popcorn and drinks..
the rest of us just sat there talking loudly!

the proof.. *it's a bit dark.. sorry!*

then about 25minutes later..
a GSC staff appeared and said:
"could you all please move to Room 5?"
and all i heard was "BOOO!! AIYOO!!"

room 5 was really hot.. like a sauna!
thank god it cooled down pretty fast..
anyway, they played the movie..
but we missed like one whole part of it..
where Eric and Jay made a deal outside a fancy restaurant!
a lady went to ask the staff to rewind..
but she didn't.. screw her..

the movie was nice and funny though!
first time i see Jay acted cutely.. haha
not his usual emotionless cool look..

so here's some pictures from the movie..

Jay's character as a young boy

one VS i-dunno-how-many

good way to practice basketball..XD

you slam dunk..

slam dunk again..

and you SCORE!!

guys who slam dunks look exceptionally H.O.T.!!
to my point of view, at least..
*don't worry Xin, i am not into YOUR Jay*

his two loves/likes in the movie..

the Sifu-s.. so cute!

the atrocious outfits.. Gladiator ah?

after the movie, Nanzi and i were discussing about it..
then she was like:
"if it was Wu Chun playing, you'll be screaming away!"
which may be true.. i said, may be..
he was a national basketball player, you know.. *drools*

so i told her that his new series involves basketball..
yeah.. you heard me right..
and it's called Hot Shot / 篮球火
it'll be airing in Taiwan by summer this year..
which i unfortunately don't know when.. do you?

L-R of Hot Shot: Wu Chun, Show Lo, Jerry Yan
Chun the hottest.. enough said! =)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

BBQ at Taylor's

i experienced the best college day ever today!
it was absolutely SERIOUS FUN!!

after class, 4 of us - Melissa, Yizhen, Swee Yin and i
went to Sunway Pyramid..
we did an hour of shopping before heading to TGV
to watch Jumper ..
the movie was so-so but i got to admit..
Hayden Christensen is freaking hot!
so is the younger version of his character.. hehe

we rushed back to Yizhen's place immediately after that
for preparations for BBQ party!
it's actually organized by Ms Balvinder..
my Bio lecturer for her classes..
but only PM10, PM6 and 2 from PM4 were involved.. =)

the Stoners gang: Sang, Lele, Myvi and Jolene
had most of it settled by the time we reached..
they have bought all the food and marinated 8kg of chicken!

by 5.45pm, Mel, Anand and i headed to back to Taylor's..
since none of us know how to start the fire,
Anand went to the Web to google for the method..
we had a hard time but managed to light it up..

the BBQ fire.. halfway to success.. hehe

some of the food.. others include pizza, salad and drinks!

1,2,3...till 9! some PM10 gals with Ms Balvinder..

the happy posers..

the barbecuing session was freaking hillarious..
it all started with Melissa - who often thinks senget-ed!
the jokes were focusing on sausages and fishballs..
i know all of you know what they meant la.. hehe..
we laughed so loud and hard till my tummy ached!

and now.. time for some highlights..
presenting performances by my class rep and his assistant!
seriously, they are VERY sporting! *drumrolls*

"Crank That Soldier Boy" dance by Yizhen

she actually learned the steps from Youtube..
we urged her to dance for entertainment purposes..
basically you can hear us saying "U...U..."
the song is barely audible.. but it's cool!

this is the music video for the above

since i went home earlier due to transport matters..
i missed her 2nd performance..
and also a totally unexpected performance..
by my class rep - Yik Sheng himself!

according to one of the witnesses, Shi Wen..
they dared someone to use the Yellow water sprinklers..
they are located outside the Chemistry labs..
they are for us to washed ourselves in case we kena acid..
we were only allowed to use them for emergencies!
who cares about rules? lol..
Mel and i used it to wash the wire earlier on..
but this time it was different!

Yik Sheng 's water performance..

it seems that he volunteered to do so.. haha..
and due to high demand.. he had to do it thrice!
this Charlie definitely deserves a loud applause!
i can't believe i missed such a thing..

anyway, i really enjoyed myself..
we really got closer because of this and i appreciate it!
such a cool, fun BBQ party..
thanks to all involved especially Ms Balvinder! =)

i L.O.V.E. 0701PM10 more now!! *hugs*
we should do it again, ok?

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Monday, February 18, 2008

driving test - 1st attempt

i skipped class today for JPJ driving test..
my instructor - J picked me up at 8am..
after braving hours of heat i reached home around 4pm..

made a new friend, Mery from Indonesia..
with her petite size, no one would have guessed her age!
she's a 26 year old working mother-of-one..
i thought she was 20.. no joke!

the other two people in the car were guys..
one is a tall and perfectly normal-looking guy..
the other was the ultimate example of "lala"..
i didn't ask for their names though..

so about the "lala" guy.. i thought he was a girl..
cos when J picked me up all i saw was
a petite Asian-blonde with ponytail..
i took a short nap throughout the journey..
woke up when i heard snores from the normal guy..
and noticed the "lala" has boy-cut in the front.. =.=

anyway, my first task was the slope..
something that i feared so much in this test..
it kinda depend on my luck and actions..
it was freaking scary cos i saw cars sliding down so often!
and i actually got over it rather quickly!^^

my legs and hands were trembling immediately after..
i really thought i was going to fail
at the moment the officer signaled me to continue..
in the end my writing and signature were out of place!

next was the parking and 3-point turn..
those were a breeze for me..
so basically i passed all these tasks in 4 minutes.. hehe..

after lunch, which was horrible..
waited for hours before i was my turn for "on-the-road"..
i told Mery that hopefully i will get one of the Malay guys
and not the Indian guy or Malay lady..
cos i have stereotyped them..
to me Malay guy testers more cincai compared to the rest..

and? i got the Indian guy and Mery had the Malay lady!
talking about what goes around comes around..
but i was happy that i got a new car to drive..
i drove just like usual.. and he obviously found fault in me..
signal too slow, go too slow (50-60 km/hr),
at the yellow lines go too fast (40 km/hr),
when turning, cut into another lane (by around 5cm i think)
and didn't show him that i know how to change gear..

i can accept and admit most of my mistakes..
BUT.. i always have BUTs don't i?

the yellow line thingy was ridiculous..
J say as long as slow down and don't exceed 40km/hr = OK
the Indian guy say must be 30 km/hr, no plus or minus wor..
then the changing gear thingy..
everyone i know say maximum till gear 3 and 60km/hr..
the Indian guy say must change till gear 4 or 5
and the speed limit say must 70 km/hr wor..
i was like WTH??

the road was winding and one lane only..
ask me go 80 km/hr.. wanna die is it?
so he flunk me big time.. didn't even finish half the journey!
i only have 5 marks.. T____T

flunk me never mind la..
but he labeled me as "Dangerous Driver" because of these..
i very 不爽 him.. very dangerous meh?
i make or don't make proper U-turn people also complain..
how lah? you tell me..

may be they
不爽 me because i adhere to this rule:

picture taken in Genting last December.. hehe

so i have to wait for another 2 weeks to resit..
*i can see a hole in the pocket* aiya!
another difficult task tomorrow..
presentation in front of the class and worse still, Mr K!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY update

how's your Chinese New Year celebration?
mine was just eat, eat, eat, get angpao, eat, eat some more!
i am seriously gaining weight..
so obvious that my aunty actually pointed that out! T.T

have to start detoxing myself next holiday..
and then slim down =P

CNY celebration is nothing without food or angpao
and even fireworks! am i right?

this stick was the left-over from one of the fireworks

it was on CNY eve at my uncle's place..
that particular fireworks nearly gave me a heart attack..

instead of rocketing up to the sky and burst into flames..
like the one during countdown parties..
it reversed and shot down from the 3rd to the 2nd floor..

right behind my brother *thank God didn't kena him*
both my brothers ran to safety, i tried too but failed..
so i was standing barely 2 meters from it when
*poof* out came Coco Crunch.. joking la.. it's flames!
i covered my ears instead of my face.. how stupid hor?
thank God i was free from a single wound!!

i sooo miss Pop-pop and the stick that sparkles when lit!!
my cousin said they are too childish..

so they bought few thousand Riggit of fireworks only..=(

anyway, the good news is that..i am alright! *oh yeah*

CNY have to have "金" or "kam" in cantonese right?
i saw two freaking big pots of these Mandarin oranges..

they are as tall as my youngest brother..

big.. but juicy ah? *wonders*

lion dance is also a must during CNY..
these lion gives us luck.. so we had them on the 1st day!
Taylor's had a super chun lion dance troupe this afternoon..

entering my house..

pray to give us prosperity, health, luck and success!!

all hail the fruit basket!!

and this is the cutest angpao i received so far.. hehe

just another random incident during CNY..
my brother was wearing this hand-painted shirt..
and guess what?

haha.. cute leh.. 3 also happy and chubby..=P

talking about cute, happy and chuby..

introducing my little niece, Trixie!
she is super hyperactive.. i can hold her for less than 5 mins!

our first stop during CNY..=)

that's all about my CNY celebration so far..
today 初七 is 人日 or People's Day ma..XD

and i have to post a shout-out: "I L.O.V.E. 988!!!"
cos they always play songs that makes me really happy..
when i was practicing my driving just now..
they played the whole album of 2Face Fahrenheit!
they said good things about the album and the members..
so fans must get their original album not pirated version..
*hints hints hints to whoever*

some of you might know where's Kelana Jaya..
practice ground for driving, i meant.. yeah, about that..
on my way out from there..
i saw a freaking big advertisement that states..

next to it is a picture of a guy smiling away, holding a ring!
*sorry no picture.. driving ma*

at first i thought it was just another ad..
but no, it was a proposal!
a freaking huge, expensive and sweet 1 too.. aww!

anyway, goodbye for now!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

CNY celebration

my celebration started since Chinese New Year eve..
we had home-cooked reunion lunch at cousin Creamy's place..
a lot of yummy dishes for all of us..
then we had reunion dinner at some restaurant at 6.30pm!!
it was the earliest i ever experienced..

the Yee Sang mixing wasn't fun or loud at all..
cos children and adults sat on different tables!
and mind you, the CNY dishes are typically tasteless..
my stomach was still filled with undigested food since lunch.. =P

after dinner, we went to my uncle's place to play fireworks..
and guess what? i drove there in Creamy's car.. hehe
first time ever driving at night in a car bigger than Kancil..
automatic car with passengers - my cousins and my brothers..
who were obviously terrified by the experience!
my speed was maximum 40km/hr - they were screaming! -.-
by the time we reached the destination..
my brother mentioned " Ground! Oh, ground!"
you know, like the scene for the movie "Pacifier".. *sweatness*

fireworks playing was even more nerve-wrecking..
we played in the under-construction 3-storey house..
my uncle bought few thousand Ringgit of fireworks..
but none of them was poppop or the stick that sparkles..
so i just stood aside to watch the guys play..

when they lighted the firework (that shoots up to the sky
and blast into a nice display)

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CNY 2008 is 2 days away!

Chinese New Year is just less than 48 hours away..
getting excited??
i have no Chinese New Year mood just yet..
the only thing that excites me this festive season is..
i just can't wait to get my hands on them.. lol

anyway, have all of you done the necessary preparations..
like spring cleaning, deco, food and drinks, angpao packing?
most importantly.. got your new clothes, shoes and bags?
because i have done all of that..
but i still don't have THE mood.. how lah?

anyway, angpao packing is my expertise..
i have been in charge of doing so since few years ago..
i just L.O.V.E. the touch, smell and sight of brand new notes!
even though it's not my money.. but still.. ^^

take a look at the new look of our RM50 note..
the first impression it gave me was.. Hong Kong dollar!

the above is the new one, and below is the old one..

the back of the notes

everyone of you have Astro right?
so the MUST-watch this CNY, more like this "Cho Yat", are..

1) Fahrenheit new music video on Feb7, Thursday
at 7.25pm only on Disney Channel (Ch 615)

2) S.H.E. Live @ KL Concert Special on Feb7, Thursday
at 8pm on Astro AEC (Ch 301)

3) TVXQ 2nd Asia Tour "O" Concert on Feb7, Thursday
at 9.30pm also on Astro AEC (Ch 301)

basically i want to watch these back-to-back concerts..
cos i didn't attend them last year..
nobody sponsor me mah.. =P

if this year i collected enough $$ and studied for trials,
i probably can persuade my parents to let me go for
Five Treasure Island a.k.a F.T. Island's concert..
the new teenage Korean boyband is Shi Wen's new love!
this March 30 at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre..
Shi Wen suggested to go for it..=)

or maybe if i am lucky enough..
i get to win 2 Jay Chao's concert tickets from Munchys!
then i can go to Stadium Merdeka on Feb 23 to watch it!

how cool is that? * i am day-dreaming so ignore me*

eh, why i am talking about concerts all of a sudden?
the topic is supposed to be about CNY.. =.=

to everyone reading this.. GONG XI FA CAI / 恭喜发财!! =)

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Sunday, February 3, 2008



the BU gang had steamboat for dinner last night!
reunion cum birthday surprise for 2 babies..
at Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant..=)

most of us arrived late - typical of Malaysians!
and surprisingly i wasn't the last.. hehe

the birthday girl and boy - Yun Xin and Shaun

Kaka and her yellow-haired Aussie friend, Sarah

my table.. *why are some of our eyes closed?*

Shaun attempting a birthday prank suggested by Xin

the first prank succeeded!
cos it was just an empty egg shell..
all of us totally kena "Gotcha!!"

after being dared to break a real egg..
Hang Woon said can't be broken ma..

it ended up like this.. Sally kena egg yolk! hehe

table cloth on my side of the table kena egg white..
thank God none of it got on us!

Hang Woon volunteered to be the bag hanger..=P

later on we went back to cousin Creamy's house..
to hang around and eat the oh-so-creamy cake!

the 1990 babies in the Kaka pose

with the birthday people

Melvin and i.. he followed every step i did.. so cute!

with Ting ting! *thanks for the pictures!*

group picture.. hopefully the bed is still stable..XD

oh btw, Keyin's self-made cookies are so yummy!
Keyin, remember to give me for Valentine's Day ah.. hehe

and Xin showed me 曾国辉's latest album..
seriously.. he look so much better and hotter than before!
don't believe? judge by yourself then..

his 1st album

and the 2nd album

ok, talking about hotness..
cousin Creamy say i am obsessed with hot guys..
which is kinda true..
and he says it'll be difficult for me to find a boyfriend..
cos i set my standards too high! -__-

frankly, i do not want a H.O.T. boyfriend..
cos i'll feel kinda insecure..
he'll be taken away from me any time!
as long as he's not too ugly or good looking..
has characters i am comfortable with.. he's good enough..
hopefully you understand what i mean..
and i am not in need of a boyfriend just yet..
i just want to get into a reputable university first! =)

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Friday, February 1, 2008

K-drama: dal ja's spring

just after a mere 3 weeks of classes..
CNY holidays is here!

collected my IELTS test score today..
had an overall score of 8.0..
i am quite satisfied cos i was expecting around 7.0..
so i am feeling happy lor.. cos blogging helps! ^^

anyway, for this post..
i am going to touch on Dal Ja's Spring..
it's the latest Korean series i have watched..
actually, i completed the whole series last week! hehe..

DalJa's Spring

the pretty Chae Rim and the hot Lee Min Ki..

it's basically about a 33-year-old single called Oh Dal Ja..
she's at the crossroad of her life..
of whether to get married or stay single..
after her playboy boyfriend Shim Sae Do dumped her
for a playgirl named Wee Seon Joo,
she hired a fake boyfriend Kang Tae Bong..

while in the fake relationship,
she thought she had met her destined man, Uhm Ki J
but he turned out to be a married man..
and then her ups and downs and blah blah..

this drama aims to comically and candidly portray
the reality and undying pursuit of romance
and highlights their life and work of 30+ single woman..
quite nice to watch and learn a lot..
and i love the pictures in the series too! =)

the pictures nice leh.. told you so! =P

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