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Friday, February 29, 2008


since 29 February only occur once every 4 years..
i shall blog to commemorate this day!
*punches and whacks received*

well, my day started pretty badly though..
had a bad scolding from my mum..
due to my laziness from the night before..
so wasn't in a good mood and atmosphere! sigh..

so 1 unhappy thing happened after another..
went to the cafeteria with Yun Xin after reaching college..
supposedly to stalk some Korean dude..
who is as hot as Joo Ji Hoon of Princess Hours fame..
according to Xin la.. i haven't met him though..
cos he didn't turn up where he usually sits.. =.=

anyway, *changing to a happier note*
you guys ought to try this - WORLD MATHS DAY
you have to register for this competition first..
which is to be held on 5 March 2008 at 7pm Malaysian time..
but you can log in to practice!

although it just involves simple 2-digit calculations..
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division only..
it's super FUN and ADDICTIVE and nerve-wrecking at times!
it tests you on how fast you could solve in 60 seconds!
you basically compete with matheletes around the world..
Mr K - my Maths lecturer, introduced this to us.. hehe
so remember to try it oh~

that's it for today.. see you on this day 4 years from now! =)

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