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Friday, February 22, 2008

BBQ at Taylor's

i experienced the best college day ever today!
it was absolutely SERIOUS FUN!!

after class, 4 of us - Melissa, Yizhen, Swee Yin and i
went to Sunway Pyramid..
we did an hour of shopping before heading to TGV
to watch Jumper ..
the movie was so-so but i got to admit..
Hayden Christensen is freaking hot!
so is the younger version of his character.. hehe

we rushed back to Yizhen's place immediately after that
for preparations for BBQ party!
it's actually organized by Ms Balvinder..
my Bio lecturer for her classes..
but only PM10, PM6 and 2 from PM4 were involved.. =)

the Stoners gang: Sang, Lele, Myvi and Jolene
had most of it settled by the time we reached..
they have bought all the food and marinated 8kg of chicken!

by 5.45pm, Mel, Anand and i headed to back to Taylor's..
since none of us know how to start the fire,
Anand went to the Web to google for the method..
we had a hard time but managed to light it up..

the BBQ fire.. halfway to success.. hehe

some of the food.. others include pizza, salad and drinks!

1,2,3...till 9! some PM10 gals with Ms Balvinder..

the happy posers..

the barbecuing session was freaking hillarious..
it all started with Melissa - who often thinks senget-ed!
the jokes were focusing on sausages and fishballs..
i know all of you know what they meant la.. hehe..
we laughed so loud and hard till my tummy ached!

and now.. time for some highlights..
presenting performances by my class rep and his assistant!
seriously, they are VERY sporting! *drumrolls*

"Crank That Soldier Boy" dance by Yizhen

she actually learned the steps from Youtube..
we urged her to dance for entertainment purposes..
basically you can hear us saying "U...U..."
the song is barely audible.. but it's cool!

this is the music video for the above

since i went home earlier due to transport matters..
i missed her 2nd performance..
and also a totally unexpected performance..
by my class rep - Yik Sheng himself!

according to one of the witnesses, Shi Wen..
they dared someone to use the Yellow water sprinklers..
they are located outside the Chemistry labs..
they are for us to washed ourselves in case we kena acid..
we were only allowed to use them for emergencies!
who cares about rules? lol..
Mel and i used it to wash the wire earlier on..
but this time it was different!

Yik Sheng 's water performance..

it seems that he volunteered to do so.. haha..
and due to high demand.. he had to do it thrice!
this Charlie definitely deserves a loud applause!
i can't believe i missed such a thing..

anyway, i really enjoyed myself..
we really got closer because of this and i appreciate it!
such a cool, fun BBQ party..
thanks to all involved especially Ms Balvinder! =)

i L.O.V.E. 0701PM10 more now!! *hugs*
we should do it again, ok?

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