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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY update

how's your Chinese New Year celebration?
mine was just eat, eat, eat, get angpao, eat, eat some more!
i am seriously gaining weight..
so obvious that my aunty actually pointed that out! T.T

have to start detoxing myself next holiday..
and then slim down =P

CNY celebration is nothing without food or angpao
and even fireworks! am i right?

this stick was the left-over from one of the fireworks

it was on CNY eve at my uncle's place..
that particular fireworks nearly gave me a heart attack..

instead of rocketing up to the sky and burst into flames..
like the one during countdown parties..
it reversed and shot down from the 3rd to the 2nd floor..

right behind my brother *thank God didn't kena him*
both my brothers ran to safety, i tried too but failed..
so i was standing barely 2 meters from it when
*poof* out came Coco Crunch.. joking la.. it's flames!
i covered my ears instead of my face.. how stupid hor?
thank God i was free from a single wound!!

i sooo miss Pop-pop and the stick that sparkles when lit!!
my cousin said they are too childish..

so they bought few thousand Riggit of fireworks only..=(

anyway, the good news is that..i am alright! *oh yeah*

CNY have to have "金" or "kam" in cantonese right?
i saw two freaking big pots of these Mandarin oranges..

they are as tall as my youngest brother..

big.. but juicy ah? *wonders*

lion dance is also a must during CNY..
these lion gives us luck.. so we had them on the 1st day!
Taylor's had a super chun lion dance troupe this afternoon..

entering my house..

pray to give us prosperity, health, luck and success!!

all hail the fruit basket!!

and this is the cutest angpao i received so far.. hehe

just another random incident during CNY..
my brother was wearing this hand-painted shirt..
and guess what?

haha.. cute leh.. 3 also happy and chubby..=P

talking about cute, happy and chuby..

introducing my little niece, Trixie!
she is super hyperactive.. i can hold her for less than 5 mins!

our first stop during CNY..=)

that's all about my CNY celebration so far..
today 初七 is 人日 or People's Day ma..XD

and i have to post a shout-out: "I L.O.V.E. 988!!!"
cos they always play songs that makes me really happy..
when i was practicing my driving just now..
they played the whole album of 2Face Fahrenheit!
they said good things about the album and the members..
so fans must get their original album not pirated version..
*hints hints hints to whoever*

some of you might know where's Kelana Jaya..
practice ground for driving, i meant.. yeah, about that..
on my way out from there..
i saw a freaking big advertisement that states..

next to it is a picture of a guy smiling away, holding a ring!
*sorry no picture.. driving ma*

at first i thought it was just another ad..
but no, it was a proposal!
a freaking huge, expensive and sweet 1 too.. aww!

anyway, goodbye for now!

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