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Saturday, February 9, 2008

CNY celebration

my celebration started since Chinese New Year eve..
we had home-cooked reunion lunch at cousin Creamy's place..
a lot of yummy dishes for all of us..
then we had reunion dinner at some restaurant at 6.30pm!!
it was the earliest i ever experienced..

the Yee Sang mixing wasn't fun or loud at all..
cos children and adults sat on different tables!
and mind you, the CNY dishes are typically tasteless..
my stomach was still filled with undigested food since lunch.. =P

after dinner, we went to my uncle's place to play fireworks..
and guess what? i drove there in Creamy's car.. hehe
first time ever driving at night in a car bigger than Kancil..
automatic car with passengers - my cousins and my brothers..
who were obviously terrified by the experience!
my speed was maximum 40km/hr - they were screaming! -.-
by the time we reached the destination..
my brother mentioned " Ground! Oh, ground!"
you know, like the scene for the movie "Pacifier".. *sweatness*

fireworks playing was even more nerve-wrecking..
we played in the under-construction 3-storey house..
my uncle bought few thousand Ringgit of fireworks..
but none of them was poppop or the stick that sparkles..
so i just stood aside to watch the guys play..

when they lighted the firework (that shoots up to the sky
and blast into a nice display)

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