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Monday, February 18, 2008

driving test - 1st attempt

i skipped class today for JPJ driving test..
my instructor - J picked me up at 8am..
after braving hours of heat i reached home around 4pm..

made a new friend, Mery from Indonesia..
with her petite size, no one would have guessed her age!
she's a 26 year old working mother-of-one..
i thought she was 20.. no joke!

the other two people in the car were guys..
one is a tall and perfectly normal-looking guy..
the other was the ultimate example of "lala"..
i didn't ask for their names though..

so about the "lala" guy.. i thought he was a girl..
cos when J picked me up all i saw was
a petite Asian-blonde with ponytail..
i took a short nap throughout the journey..
woke up when i heard snores from the normal guy..
and noticed the "lala" has boy-cut in the front.. =.=

anyway, my first task was the slope..
something that i feared so much in this test..
it kinda depend on my luck and actions..
it was freaking scary cos i saw cars sliding down so often!
and i actually got over it rather quickly!^^

my legs and hands were trembling immediately after..
i really thought i was going to fail
at the moment the officer signaled me to continue..
in the end my writing and signature were out of place!

next was the parking and 3-point turn..
those were a breeze for me..
so basically i passed all these tasks in 4 minutes.. hehe..

after lunch, which was horrible..
waited for hours before i was my turn for "on-the-road"..
i told Mery that hopefully i will get one of the Malay guys
and not the Indian guy or Malay lady..
cos i have stereotyped them..
to me Malay guy testers more cincai compared to the rest..

and? i got the Indian guy and Mery had the Malay lady!
talking about what goes around comes around..
but i was happy that i got a new car to drive..
i drove just like usual.. and he obviously found fault in me..
signal too slow, go too slow (50-60 km/hr),
at the yellow lines go too fast (40 km/hr),
when turning, cut into another lane (by around 5cm i think)
and didn't show him that i know how to change gear..

i can accept and admit most of my mistakes..
BUT.. i always have BUTs don't i?

the yellow line thingy was ridiculous..
J say as long as slow down and don't exceed 40km/hr = OK
the Indian guy say must be 30 km/hr, no plus or minus wor..
then the changing gear thingy..
everyone i know say maximum till gear 3 and 60km/hr..
the Indian guy say must change till gear 4 or 5
and the speed limit say must 70 km/hr wor..
i was like WTH??

the road was winding and one lane only..
ask me go 80 km/hr.. wanna die is it?
so he flunk me big time.. didn't even finish half the journey!
i only have 5 marks.. T____T

flunk me never mind la..
but he labeled me as "Dangerous Driver" because of these..
i very 不爽 him.. very dangerous meh?
i make or don't make proper U-turn people also complain..
how lah? you tell me..

may be they
不爽 me because i adhere to this rule:

picture taken in Genting last December.. hehe

so i have to wait for another 2 weeks to resit..
*i can see a hole in the pocket* aiya!
another difficult task tomorrow..
presentation in front of the class and worse still, Mr K!

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