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Sunday, February 3, 2008



the BU gang had steamboat for dinner last night!
reunion cum birthday surprise for 2 babies..
at Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant..=)

most of us arrived late - typical of Malaysians!
and surprisingly i wasn't the last.. hehe

the birthday girl and boy - Yun Xin and Shaun

Kaka and her yellow-haired Aussie friend, Sarah

my table.. *why are some of our eyes closed?*

Shaun attempting a birthday prank suggested by Xin

the first prank succeeded!
cos it was just an empty egg shell..
all of us totally kena "Gotcha!!"

after being dared to break a real egg..
Hang Woon said can't be broken ma..

it ended up like this.. Sally kena egg yolk! hehe

table cloth on my side of the table kena egg white..
thank God none of it got on us!

Hang Woon volunteered to be the bag hanger..=P

later on we went back to cousin Creamy's house..
to hang around and eat the oh-so-creamy cake!

the 1990 babies in the Kaka pose

with the birthday people

Melvin and i.. he followed every step i did.. so cute!

with Ting ting! *thanks for the pictures!*

group picture.. hopefully the bed is still stable..XD

oh btw, Keyin's self-made cookies are so yummy!
Keyin, remember to give me for Valentine's Day ah.. hehe

and Xin showed me 曾国辉's latest album..
seriously.. he look so much better and hotter than before!
don't believe? judge by yourself then..

his 1st album

and the 2nd album

ok, talking about hotness..
cousin Creamy say i am obsessed with hot guys..
which is kinda true..
and he says it'll be difficult for me to find a boyfriend..
cos i set my standards too high! -__-

frankly, i do not want a H.O.T. boyfriend..
cos i'll feel kinda insecure..
he'll be taken away from me any time!
as long as he's not too ugly or good looking..
has characters i am comfortable with.. he's good enough..
hopefully you understand what i mean..
and i am not in need of a boyfriend just yet..
i just want to get into a reputable university first! =)

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