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Sunday, February 24, 2008

of basketball and more basketball

i didn't get a free ticket to Jay Chao's concert..
BUT i had a free 1 to his latest movie..

Kung Fu Dunk

with compliments from Pn Ng, my ex-Chinese teacher..
and thanks to Nanzi who ajak-ed me..=)

something not-so-interesting happened in the cinema..
halfway, no, i mean 20 minutes through the movie..
the sound system went off.. seriously..
and 2 minutes later the screen went blank!
some dude went to complain
and a whole bunch of them went out..
they came back with popcorn and drinks..
the rest of us just sat there talking loudly!

the proof.. *it's a bit dark.. sorry!*

then about 25minutes later..
a GSC staff appeared and said:
"could you all please move to Room 5?"
and all i heard was "BOOO!! AIYOO!!"

room 5 was really hot.. like a sauna!
thank god it cooled down pretty fast..
anyway, they played the movie..
but we missed like one whole part of it..
where Eric and Jay made a deal outside a fancy restaurant!
a lady went to ask the staff to rewind..
but she didn't.. screw her..

the movie was nice and funny though!
first time i see Jay acted cutely.. haha
not his usual emotionless cool look..

so here's some pictures from the movie..

Jay's character as a young boy

one VS i-dunno-how-many

good way to practice basketball..XD

you slam dunk..

slam dunk again..

and you SCORE!!

guys who slam dunks look exceptionally H.O.T.!!
to my point of view, at least..
*don't worry Xin, i am not into YOUR Jay*

his two loves/likes in the movie..

the Sifu-s.. so cute!

the atrocious outfits.. Gladiator ah?

after the movie, Nanzi and i were discussing about it..
then she was like:
"if it was Wu Chun playing, you'll be screaming away!"
which may be true.. i said, may be..
he was a national basketball player, you know.. *drools*

so i told her that his new series involves basketball..
yeah.. you heard me right..
and it's called Hot Shot / 篮球火
it'll be airing in Taiwan by summer this year..
which i unfortunately don't know when.. do you?

L-R of Hot Shot: Wu Chun, Show Lo, Jerry Yan
Chun the hottest.. enough said! =)

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