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Sunday, April 27, 2008

kluang station @ desa park city

sorry la, i have no idea why i have this much urge to blog!
i really need to study after this..
i think i only studied a total of 3 hours this week! T__T

anyway, last night my cousin treated us for dinner..
he's the cousin who gets to go to nearly every concert F-O-C!!
i don't know how or why.. but i very jealous lor..
i'll make sure i get Fahrenheit concert tickets from him.. VIP!
if Fahrenheit is going to have concert here la.. i hope so.. XD

so we went to The Waterfront @ ParkCity..
which is located inside Desa Park City.. obviously la..
Desa Park City is located near Kepong i think..
that place freaking nice lor.. like some Australian township..
ok, more like the enclosed living environment..
check out this website for more information.. =)

after the guard house, you'll see a lot of nice houses!
you'll have to go further in before you'll reach this place..

The Waterfront @ ParkCity

since we were waiting for my cousin and uncle to arrive,
we went to visit the MaxValu supermarket first..
it is owned by Aeon (M) Bhd, so Jusco card can be used here!
although small, your everyday needs can be bought here..
and i saw this alkaline process drinking water sold here..

pH9 water.. wonder how it tastes like?

later on we had our dinner at Kluang Station..

there are other food outlets available though..
like Rakuzen, BBQ Chicken, One Noodle, Secret Recipe,
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Natural New Zealand Ice-cream etc..

the ambiance there is very nice too..
there's a man-made lake at the back..
but the water was drained out to be filtered or something..
seems like a nice place to jog too! =)

ok, back to the food.. yummy, filling and affordable!
service there also quite good..
and for some reasons, the manager greeted us at the door!

cousin's Nasi Ayam Merah

mum's Kluang Laksa.. spicy and soury..

dad's Beef Rendang..

the other 4 of us ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop!
as a pure Hainanese, i didn't know this dish existed.. haha

Chicken Wings.. finger lickin' good.=)

Spring Roll

i saw a lot of people ordering Roti Bakar with Kaya..
but we didn't order la.. cos we know how to make ma!
pure Hainanese recipe from my late paternal grandma..XD

my bro and the Kluang coffee he insisted on buying!

it was very good according to the rest of my family!
but i don't fancy coffee especially at night..
i tried a sip, they definitely added a lot of coffee powder..
quite bitter for me la.. *sorry no picture, phone no space* =P

i would love to go back there again.. it's just too lovely..
and there's no reason not to either.. *peace*

p/s: something unrelated.. this is quite nice too! =)

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Saturday, April 26, 2008


this is my 100th post! *claps claps*

i actually planned to blog about something else..
but then i changed my mind 30 minutes ago!

i just came across this video in someone's blog..
it was from 13 October 2007's Star King episode..
Star King is a Korean talent show, just to let you know..
and Super Junior is the guest artist for this episode.. =)

presenting Charice Pempengco from Philippines..
then a 15 year 0ld (actually 14 but in her Korean age +1)..
who will mesmerize you with her powerful rendition
of the song "And I am Telling You I Am Not Going"..
and she's definitely not lip-syncing!

did you see the priceless expression on the faces of SuJu?
they were so cute! the audiences were awed by her too!
are you? i definitely am!

anyway, Charice thinks Kyu Hyun is the best in SuJu..
so she chose him among 13 of them to duet with her..
Aladdin theme song "A Whole New World"..
very fantasy like.. hehe.. here you go!

i watched this video over and over again..
so touching right? and she gets a hug too! aww..
and OMG! i think i just fell in love with Kyu Hyun's voice!
i never realize how amazing his voice is until i saw this..
plus he looks way better now with black hair.. H.O.T.!!!
his my 2nd favourite SJM member now.. hee~

p/s: the 1st video is nearly reaching 3 million views..
while the 2nd video is over a million views! XD

is Charice Pampengco's voice still stuck in your head?
are you interested to be a fan of hers?
if yes, then go to Charice's Official Fan Site!
she looks way prettier now compared to few months ago..
and her single "I Have Nothing" is out too! =)

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Friday, April 25, 2008

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

i am currently loving this show:

its first season is now aired on Astro Starworld (Ch 711)..
do check it out! =)

the cast of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Season 1)

the host Jeff Foxworthy

student Alana Etheridge

student Jacob Hays

student Kyle Collier

student Spencer Martin

student Laura Marano

student Marki Ann Meyers replaced Laura..

so, how is the game played?

in each game, the player (an adult) is asked 11 questions..
spanning 10 subjects from the 1st to 5th grade..
each question is associated with a grade level..
so there are 2 questions per grade..
the player can answer the questions in any order..
and each correct answer raises their cumulative amount
of winnings to the next level..

deciding on a topic..

the player chooses 1 of the 5 kids to be their "classmate"..
who stands at the adjacent podium and gives assistance..
the other 4 students sit at their respective desks..

choose me! choose me!

each kid acts as the classmate for 2 consecutive questions..
then another child is picked from those who have yet to play!

only 3 forms of assistance is provided per game..

each assistance can be used once until the 10th question..
the 11th question worth $1,000,000,000..
must be answered with the player's own capability..

1. peek:
the player is shown their classmate's answer..
and may choose whether to go along with it or not..
they must answer the question upon using this cheat!

2. copy:
the player is locked into using their classmate's answer,
without being able to see it first..
if it's right, lucky you! but if it's wrong, too bad!

3. save:
if the player answers wrongly but their classmate is correct..
they are credited with a correct answer..
it is used automatically on the playert's first incorrect answer..

once all forms of assistance are used..
the kids no longer play an active role in the game..
but then they'll still provide secret answers.. hehe

bottom to top are the values for the 1st to the 10th question!

this usually happens to the players.. stuck!

the kids always lock in the answers first.. *see red light*

if the player answers the 5th question correctly,
at least $25,000 in their pocket is guaranteed..

when facing a question they can't answer..
the players can opt out of the game, taking their winnings..
but if they give a wrong answer and
their "classmate" can't save them, they'll lose EVERYTHING!
if they answered wrongly beyond the 5th question,
their winnings will drop to $25,000 - still a lot though!

if you can't answer, drop out and pocket some money!

if you lose all your money.. flunk out!

but the rules change for the million dollar question..
it would be a 5th grade question.. so tough eh?
the player is only shown the subject of the question..
before deciding if they will continue or drop out..

however, if they choose to see the question..
they can no longer drop out and must give an answer,
with no assistance from any of their classmates..
a wrong answer on the question will cause the player
to drop back down to $25,000.. sad case right?

so far nobody reached this stage yet..

but they'll be freaking happy for each correct answer! hehe..

it's hilarious to see an adult struggling at an easy question!
like this lady in pink (above), she drop out at her 10th!
it was worth $500,000 and a 1st grade World Geography ah!!

that question was: Which country is also a continent?

i know, swt right? so easy also don't know..
all the kids answered correctly.. AUSTRALIA la..
she said if she were going to give an answer..
it would be "ALL OF THEM".. @.@
thank goodness she dropped out.. haha..

at any point of the game where players drop or flunk out..
they'll have to face the camera and say:
" I [insert name] am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!" =P

have a look at some of the questions that i had struggled!

Q: What geological era are we in now?
A: Cenozoic.. (i have never heard of it before this!)

Q: In which planet, a person's weight is the heaviest?
A: Jupiter.. (i didn't know that!)

Q: How many letters does the word "YAK" have?
A: Three. (i had no idea what a yak is..)
apparently, a yak is a long haired Tibetan ox!

Q: True or False? Ohio and Illinois share the same border.
A: False. (my Geography suck big time ok!)

Q: Which President appear in a quarter?
A: Thomas Jefferson. (i am clueless about this too.)

the following questions, i still don't know the answer la..
can any of you help me out with these?

interested to know Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
try out the Trivia Games.. it's quite fun! =)

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


i have just told Mel that i am so gonna blog about this!
we went to Monash University Malaysia campus just now..
immediately after class to inquire about their courses..

i drove there and parked at their RM2 an hour carpark bay..
it was my first time parking that way between 2 cars..
you know, the turn-90-degrees-to-go-in parking lot..
due to my really bad judgement, i parked sengeted.. =.=
i didn't dare to try further just in case i bang car again!
so i asked the more experience Mel to park for me..
her skills are better than mine.. obviously la.. hehe..
but then we still had to come out from the passenger's seat!

anyway, that's not my point..
we walked above the monsoon drain to get to the campus..
and straight to the marketing department area..
a few people left when we arrived,
leaving Mel and i, a couple and 2 staffs in there..
the area much more spacious than Taylor's Student Service..
but not as cold la.. hehe..

btw, Taylor's new air-cond really very cold leh..
i nearly became ice woman! seriously..

Mel told staff A she wanted to inquire about MBBS..
they don't have Pharmacy there.. so yeah..
Mel was given some pamphlets ..
and staff A told us to wait for a counsellor.. fine la.. wait..

i saw staff A and staff B talking to each other in a cubicle..
drinking coffee and munching on biscuits i think..
a black guy in green came in also to inquire about courses..
he was also given pamphlets and told to wait..
so 3 tables of people waiting to be served!

*tick tock tick tock* 30 minutes has passed..

Mel was done filling the application form..
i assumed the counsellors went out for lunch..
then 2 guys came in and sat down, took out some papers..
followed by a middle-aged man who is the counsellor..
he entertained the couple before us first..
so i told Mel we wait for that man to finish la..

2 minutes later, staff B walked towards
the-guys-who-came-in-later and asked: how can i help you?
that was when i got really pissed..
she's a counsellor? BLOODY HELL!!!
shouldn't she serve us the moment we got in???
or immediately after she had her so-called break???

i looked at Mel, Mel looked at me..
i think she saw my really annoyed face..
her face also turned black la.. whose won't?
then that stupid staff B continued talking very loudly
in a i-am-so-surprised tone and her stupid accent..
fine la.. we still continued to wait for that man..

out of the blue, more groups of students entered..
by now, all the places are filled.. and we were STILL waiting..
after staff B was done, the guys left.. THEY LEFT BEFORE US!!!

guess what the stupid staff B did after that?
she took a glance at us and walked towards another group..
yes, another group that came in later than the guys!
and asked that same BLOODY question..
i raised my hand and she just looked at me blankly!

walao A, i tell you, i was damn pissed at that time!!!
Mel said staff B probably only entertain guys..
i don't think so lor.. cos i saw the angry black guy in green..
i think staff B is biased and prefer to flirt with guys..
for god's sake, the guys are not even cute!!!
lucky thing the man entertain us after that..

the poor black guy in green

the group who arrived very much later..

staff B thinks innocent looking harmless girls like us
very easy to bully is it? NOTTTTT!!!
if it was not for Mel's application i would have already
confronted and bombarded staff B with sarcastic remarks..
and stomp out of the stupid building!!!
then i'll blogged a long post about my annoyance..
asking everyone to boycott Monash University Malaysia..
just like Xiaxue about her terrible Bintan trip..
but then my blog is not as famous to give such effect! =(

staff B's back.. *read the red words*

why on earth such people exist? why la?
and they called themselves the MARKETING DEPARTMENT!
if she's the American cheerleader-type, i'll understand la..
she's not even prettier than me, at least to my opinion.. =P
i really hate people who behave like people they are not!

this i-don't-care-about-prospective-students attitude
really makes me wonder whether they'll even bother about
students in their university.. well, i don't care now..
it's not like i'll ever go there again anyway..
they gave me really bad impression.. just like KDU..

i remembered about KDU's 4-hours Add Maths talk..
i went there cos i thought it'll help my sucky Add Maths..
which made me missed one day of class before trials..
kononnya, it'll be 4-hours of GREAT Add Maths..
turned out to be an hour of solving simple questions..
and continued by 3-hours of introduction to KDU's
Hospitality & Tourism and Culinary Arts course..
which i was not even a slight bit interested!
mind you, they did not mention a word about this earlier..
see? this is how they manipulate us.. sigh..

ISSSHHH.. i am still mad out it..
p/s: sorry to Hui Ting, Ze Wei and Chee Yin..
i know i am b*tching about your colleges and universities..
but this is really what i think! no offense to you.. =)

p/p/s: i was planning to write a happy long overdue post..
but i haven't got the pictures from Hui Ting yet.. *hints hints*

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it's about time..

today is only my 2nd day driving to college..
and i already kissed someone else's bumper.. =.=
not that i was speeding or anything ok..
i wasn't in the box of the parking lot..
so i was trying to reverse out.. and MUAKZ!!!

the moment i felt the bump, i was cursing myself..
so i quickly parked the car nicely,
and went down to check the person's car..
thank god his/her car was perfectly fine plus nobody in it!
*phew* what a relieve! then i went to check my car..
walau A! lots of scratches and the paint came off! T__T
i told my mum the moment i reached home..
and obviously i got scolding la.. sigh..
now have to tell my dad and uncle and be prepared..
to fork out money la.. what else? T___T

we went to the market for lunch again..
erm, more like breakfast cos it was at 10am! hehe..
i missed the cheap meal and "lin ji kang" so much.. XD
it was the first time for Eu Nee, Yizhen and Sun Mei..
and Yizhen is overwhelmed by the experience..
it was her first "chap fan" with meat that cost less than RM5!

lunch with them was really fun..
we laughed a lot, practically till my tummy ached!
thanks to all our lameness and jokes.. hehe..
most of Melissa's sentences somehow sounded so wrong!
i finished my meal the fastest this time! a new record! wee~

i got my MUET registration slip today.. finally!
took a good look at it and noticed something amiss..
my speaking test on Monday morning 7.30am leh!
who on earth can babble so much early in the morning?
and haven't they heard of the phrase "Monday blues"?
i know i damn blur case in the morning lor..
Melissa suggested i don't sleep on Sunday night.. @.@
so hopefully the invigilator also the same.. *day-dreaming*
then probably he would give me Band 6.. hehe *whacked*

oh ya, we got our A Level's year book today..=)
but i have no idea why they put monks on the front cover!
Shi Wen say it's showing the after effect of A Levels..
you get so stressed till all your hair drops.. terrible ain't it?
i wonder whether they are saving cost..
my college life isn't as dull as black and white la!

take a look..
the book is called "Carpe Diem/Edition 15" not "Harmony"!

contents wise, i think my high school's year book is better..
i am not saying that because i was in the editorial board..
but seriously, this is just not as great! hehe..
there are a lot of people i haven't seen before in there too..
talking about ignorance.. i am terrible!
at least our pictures turned out nice.. *peace*

and just something random..


Lets101 - Free Dating Site

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hang Kim's 21st

Saturday evening was Hang Kim's 21st birthday party..
left the house at 5 plus, tumpang cousin Creamy's car ma..
he always leaves early for wherever.. unlike me.. =P
so on the way, we went to fetch Nanzi..
upon seeing Aaron playing football outside her house,
we quickly fled the scene before he notice our presence!

we were figuring out how to give Hang Kim his present..
so we resorted to buying 3 RM1 ice-creams at a petrol station!
1 from each of us.. see we so kedekut..
it was my funny idea cos Hang Woon say anything also can! XD

only few steps away from the house it started drizzling..
Creamy was running while Nanzi and i can only walk faster..
sadly i cannot run in heels, i think the same goes with her.. hee~
and the moment we stepped into the house compound..
it started raining cats and dogs! *phew* lucky us..

Hui Jian, Chee Yin and Pei Wen were already eating then..
so we 3 also served ourselves too..
you know, it's good to be the first few to eat..
cos there were plenty of food, plus there's no queue!

the variety of home-cooked food quite yummy too.. hehe..
i didn't try the curry or rendang though,
they say it's very spicy so no thanks!
because i'll turn. err.. red! as in really red..
if you don't believe ask my college friends.. XD

Hang Woon became the umbrella boy as more guest arrived..
the main character was no where to be seen..
at least until we were done eating.. haha..

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 2008

i guess most of you have read the news?
about the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 2008..
let's not talk about the protests and yadaa yadaa~

i don't think i'll be able to watch the live telecast of
the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008..

Beijing Summer Olympics 2008

the official mascots.. so cute!!

so let's talk about the Torch Relay Malaysia Leg..
Kuala Lumpur to be exact! hehe..
it'll be on Monday, 21st April 2008..
scheduled to start at 2.25pm and end at 6.15pm..
80 torch bearers are involved..
each of them will run a distance of 250m in 2.5 minutes!

the Beijing Olympic Torch

Dataran Merdeka will be their starting point..

passing through the KL City Hall..

National Monument..

Parliament House..

National Musuem..

National Mosque..

KL Railway Station..

Merdeka Stadium..

Wisma OCM..

Pudu Jail..

Berjaya Times Square..

Sungei Wang Plaza..

all the way to the top of KL Tower..

and finally to KLCC, the finishing line..

the Olympic flame is to arrive in KL on Sunday morning..
and after that off to Jakarta after the event..

i would love to see the torch relay..
but i can only make it after 4pm..
plus we were advised to use public transport..
any cars blocking the way will be towed without notice!!

special police squad will be assisting the torch bearers..
so most probably passer-by won't be seeing a thing..
due to the human wall formed around the torch..
just in case another nut case tries to put out the flame..
till now, i just don't get those people..
why involve politics in sports?? sad case..

since China actually gave Malaysia the honour..
hopefully the relay will go on as smooth as possible.. =)

do check out this website for more details
on the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 2008! it's nice! ^^

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