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Thursday, April 10, 2008

driving alone

*pinch yourself then pinch me*

guess what???
for the first time for my entire life..
i drove a car ALONE on a busy road today!!!
no mummy or daddy sitting next to me!

i believe it meant i passed the "parent trap" test..
it's time for celebration!! woo hoo~ oh yeah~ XD

wait, it's quite a happy achievement..
but nothing to celebrate la..
cos it meant it's time to be a driver! T___T
so far i have always been driving my brothers..
where to? tuition and school lor..

i didn't even drive myself to places i want to go..
but i will.. very soon! hehe..
before that, i need to improve my parking first la..
especially backwards parking.. *peace*

ISAT ah ISAT.. when can i get my results? *wonders*

oh btw, my parents said my cooking improved! =)))
not that i enjoy cooking or anything..
it's just good to know that i won't die of hunger.. lol..

and after reading the introduction in Shi Wen's blog..
i think i wanna be a fan of Super Junior M..
which stands for "Super Junior Mandarin"..
they have 7 members, 4 Koreans and 3 Chinese..
they debuted in China on her birthday too..=)

L-R: Zhou Mi, Ryeo Wook, Henry, Si Won,
Han Kyung, Dong Hae and Kyu Hyun

get to know them by clicking on their website!

presenting their debut MV - "U" .. do enjoy!
their Chinese got slang one! so cute!! XD

just in case you can't recognise them..
like me yesterday.. *paiseh*
i shall name them 1 by 1 based on their singing order!
1. Si Won - he's the hottest! XD
2. Han Kyung - i can recognise him la!
3. Kyu Hyun - white long sleeve with vest..
4. Ryeo Wook - with "liu hai" hair..
5. Zhou Mi - long nose, 1st rapper..
6. Dong Hae - the 2nd rapper..
7. Henry - he plays the violin..

that was how they were described to me yesterday..
many thanks to Shi Wen, a Super Junior fan! ^^

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