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Friday, April 25, 2008

are you smarter than a 5th grader?

i am currently loving this show:

its first season is now aired on Astro Starworld (Ch 711)..
do check it out! =)

the cast of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? (Season 1)

the host Jeff Foxworthy

student Alana Etheridge

student Jacob Hays

student Kyle Collier

student Spencer Martin

student Laura Marano

student Marki Ann Meyers replaced Laura..

so, how is the game played?

in each game, the player (an adult) is asked 11 questions..
spanning 10 subjects from the 1st to 5th grade..
each question is associated with a grade level..
so there are 2 questions per grade..
the player can answer the questions in any order..
and each correct answer raises their cumulative amount
of winnings to the next level..

deciding on a topic..

the player chooses 1 of the 5 kids to be their "classmate"..
who stands at the adjacent podium and gives assistance..
the other 4 students sit at their respective desks..

choose me! choose me!

each kid acts as the classmate for 2 consecutive questions..
then another child is picked from those who have yet to play!

only 3 forms of assistance is provided per game..

each assistance can be used once until the 10th question..
the 11th question worth $1,000,000,000..
must be answered with the player's own capability..

1. peek:
the player is shown their classmate's answer..
and may choose whether to go along with it or not..
they must answer the question upon using this cheat!

2. copy:
the player is locked into using their classmate's answer,
without being able to see it first..
if it's right, lucky you! but if it's wrong, too bad!

3. save:
if the player answers wrongly but their classmate is correct..
they are credited with a correct answer..
it is used automatically on the playert's first incorrect answer..

once all forms of assistance are used..
the kids no longer play an active role in the game..
but then they'll still provide secret answers.. hehe

bottom to top are the values for the 1st to the 10th question!

this usually happens to the players.. stuck!

the kids always lock in the answers first.. *see red light*

if the player answers the 5th question correctly,
at least $25,000 in their pocket is guaranteed..

when facing a question they can't answer..
the players can opt out of the game, taking their winnings..
but if they give a wrong answer and
their "classmate" can't save them, they'll lose EVERYTHING!
if they answered wrongly beyond the 5th question,
their winnings will drop to $25,000 - still a lot though!

if you can't answer, drop out and pocket some money!

if you lose all your money.. flunk out!

but the rules change for the million dollar question..
it would be a 5th grade question.. so tough eh?
the player is only shown the subject of the question..
before deciding if they will continue or drop out..

however, if they choose to see the question..
they can no longer drop out and must give an answer,
with no assistance from any of their classmates..
a wrong answer on the question will cause the player
to drop back down to $25,000.. sad case right?

so far nobody reached this stage yet..

but they'll be freaking happy for each correct answer! hehe..

it's hilarious to see an adult struggling at an easy question!
like this lady in pink (above), she drop out at her 10th!
it was worth $500,000 and a 1st grade World Geography ah!!

that question was: Which country is also a continent?

i know, swt right? so easy also don't know..
all the kids answered correctly.. AUSTRALIA la..
she said if she were going to give an answer..
it would be "ALL OF THEM".. @.@
thank goodness she dropped out.. haha..

at any point of the game where players drop or flunk out..
they'll have to face the camera and say:
" I [insert name] am NOT smarter than a 5th grader!" =P

have a look at some of the questions that i had struggled!

Q: What geological era are we in now?
A: Cenozoic.. (i have never heard of it before this!)

Q: In which planet, a person's weight is the heaviest?
A: Jupiter.. (i didn't know that!)

Q: How many letters does the word "YAK" have?
A: Three. (i had no idea what a yak is..)
apparently, a yak is a long haired Tibetan ox!

Q: True or False? Ohio and Illinois share the same border.
A: False. (my Geography suck big time ok!)

Q: Which President appear in a quarter?
A: Thomas Jefferson. (i am clueless about this too.)

the following questions, i still don't know the answer la..
can any of you help me out with these?

interested to know Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
try out the Trivia Games.. it's quite fun! =)

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