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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

outing to 1U..

i finally went for an outing this holiday..
with my closest CHS buddy, Chiew Yi.. =)

since i have never parked at a shopping mall's car park..
i went to her place to fetch her..
the last time i went there was like 3 years ago?
and mind you, it's like twice the distance to 1U from here!
but what to do? need her company.. just in case.. =P

due to time constrain, we did nothing much..
just had lunch at Chili's.. and my god their portion is huge!
i belanja Chiew Yi la, as her belated birthday gift..
walao, it's the most i ever spent for a meal..
as in with money forked out of my pocket.. T.T
but never mind la, once in years should be ok de.. haha..

oh my god, i didn't know she was into Japanese stuff..
especially whatever anime she talked about!
Chiew Yi thinks that some Anime characters are H.O.T!
exactly like Swee Yin but with smaller collections..
seriously, i really can't believe it lor..
her explanation is that they are perfect in their way..
but then, they do not exist in real life form!
how to love them? i don't understand la..

she thinks the hottest real life guy she ever came across..
is Hero Jae Joong from TVXQ.. he's too pretty la!
but at least she agrees that Wu Chun is H.O.T.!! =)))

ooh, i saw Suki.. do you know her?
the winner from One In A Million Season 1..
and i saw Beng Kang and Nanzi too..
10 seconds apart! hehe..

Suki of One In A Million fame

anyway, we went to watch Street Kings..
although it's 18PL, i just tried my luck la..
bought the tickets and got student price without questions..
*phew* i told you for my height and size sure ok! haha..

it was actually my suggestion to watch this movie..
the only things i knew about this movie were..
Keanu Reeves is in it, there's guns and killings.. that's all!
i know i am a few months short of 18..
but how can i not to watch Keanu Reeves in action? XD

Street Kings

it was only an hour after the very filling lunch,
but my stomach got hungry again.. =.=
my popcorn was finished before the movie started!

and only few minutes through the movie..
i finally understood why this is an 18PL movie..
the characters uttered lines after lines of foul languages!
and they were very violent la..
i was disgusted, cos that was my very first time.. =(

basically the whole movie is about corruption..
some of you may think it's nonsense yet crooked but..
it gives you an idea of power hungry officials..
they will do anything to get their butt right to the top!

there was nothing but bad times ahead..
with more blood splashed, smeared and splattered..
mixed in with racist insults, belittling women and
a lot of manly shouting with foul languages yet again..
you should see how they bash up each other.. *ouch*

Keanu Reeves as Detective Tom Ludlow.. H.O.T.!!

i loved him ever since Speed (1994) as Jack Traven..=)

Hugh Laurie and Forest Whitaker.. who keeps the man?

the LAPD a.k.a. Street Kings

love blossoms with nurse Grace (by Martha Higareda)

with Chris Evans as Detective Paul Diskant
and captured Grill (by The Game)

i was wondering where i saw the other H.O.T. guy..
he's Johnny Storm / Human Torch in The Fantastic Four

when your buddies back you up every time, beware!

cos this the consequences.. backstabbed!

this movie is only recommended IF..
you like action movie, foul languages, painful wrestles,
killings, Keanu Reeves or Chris Evans..
or else don't bother watching if you are under 18! *peace*

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