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Monday, April 14, 2008


i am currently sitting in The Web..
right in front of a computer typing this.. duh~
or else you won't be reading this! =P

ok, you must be wondering..
why am i in college campus during holidays?

it's quite simple la.. to stalk people! haha..

you think i am that crazy meh?
i have plenty of better things to do la.. do i? *wonders*
just for your info, i don't stalk people ALONE..
i definitely need a parter-in-crime.. hehe..
i really do have potential partners-in-crime..
but i won't name them.. just in case kena whacked!

well, back to the serious stuff..
i am actually waiting for time to fly pass..
so that i can go for my tuition in half an hour..
and yes, i still go for tuition.. and it'll be the last one..
unless there's tuition for university courses..
but i doubt it.. =.=""
everyone knows i am lazy so i need people to push me!

due to a long week of study-free break,
my mind is now completely blank..
my syllabuses are now stuffed in some corner of my brain,
so obviously i need some help to find them back..
before i return to college as the most blur sotong!

but let me finish my weekly drama series today..
i watch 1 episode of 2 Taiwanese series each week.. =P

just now, i went to IDP to enquire about ISAT results..
and they say they have no knowledge about it..
cos they are not in-charge of it.. *ish ish ish*
so i have to e-mail ISAT.. it has been 3 weeks alright!
hopefully my results are up-to-par.. *cross fingers*

anyway, gotta get going.. see ya!

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