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Sunday, April 27, 2008

kluang station @ desa park city

sorry la, i have no idea why i have this much urge to blog!
i really need to study after this..
i think i only studied a total of 3 hours this week! T__T

anyway, last night my cousin treated us for dinner..
he's the cousin who gets to go to nearly every concert F-O-C!!
i don't know how or why.. but i very jealous lor..
i'll make sure i get Fahrenheit concert tickets from him.. VIP!
if Fahrenheit is going to have concert here la.. i hope so.. XD

so we went to The Waterfront @ ParkCity..
which is located inside Desa Park City.. obviously la..
Desa Park City is located near Kepong i think..
that place freaking nice lor.. like some Australian township..
ok, more like the enclosed living environment..
check out this website for more information.. =)

after the guard house, you'll see a lot of nice houses!
you'll have to go further in before you'll reach this place..

The Waterfront @ ParkCity

since we were waiting for my cousin and uncle to arrive,
we went to visit the MaxValu supermarket first..
it is owned by Aeon (M) Bhd, so Jusco card can be used here!
although small, your everyday needs can be bought here..
and i saw this alkaline process drinking water sold here..

pH9 water.. wonder how it tastes like?

later on we had our dinner at Kluang Station..

there are other food outlets available though..
like Rakuzen, BBQ Chicken, One Noodle, Secret Recipe,
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Natural New Zealand Ice-cream etc..

the ambiance there is very nice too..
there's a man-made lake at the back..
but the water was drained out to be filtered or something..
seems like a nice place to jog too! =)

ok, back to the food.. yummy, filling and affordable!
service there also quite good..
and for some reasons, the manager greeted us at the door!

cousin's Nasi Ayam Merah

mum's Kluang Laksa.. spicy and soury..

dad's Beef Rendang..

the other 4 of us ordered Hainanese Chicken Chop!
as a pure Hainanese, i didn't know this dish existed.. haha

Chicken Wings.. finger lickin' good.=)

Spring Roll

i saw a lot of people ordering Roti Bakar with Kaya..
but we didn't order la.. cos we know how to make ma!
pure Hainanese recipe from my late paternal grandma..XD

my bro and the Kluang coffee he insisted on buying!

it was very good according to the rest of my family!
but i don't fancy coffee especially at night..
i tried a sip, they definitely added a lot of coffee powder..
quite bitter for me la.. *sorry no picture, phone no space* =P

i would love to go back there again.. it's just too lovely..
and there's no reason not to either.. *peace*

p/s: something unrelated.. this is quite nice too! =)

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