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Thursday, April 17, 2008

depressed T__T

when i saw those letters on the computer screen,
my mind when completely blank..
and my heart started beating very quickly..
my immediate response was "OH SHIT!"

my worst nightmare appeared right in front of me..
i expected it to be bad, but not that bad!
the last time i saw those results were in Form 4..
don't ask what i got for trials.. =(((((((
i am just too shocked, frightened and embarrassed ok..

my heart shattered to a million pieces..
it's like my whole world came tumbling down..
i didn't dare to shed a tear..
just in case my swollen eyes and nose give the hint..
let alone say a word to my parents!

i could picture the disappointment in their faces..
if they ever find out about my results..
it would be an extreme havoc!
so now i am just waiting for the snail mail to arrive..
anyway, please don't say a word to them!

i accept the reality and i know i didn't put my best..
so the feng shui is true, luck is not by my side this year..
i guess i have to work extra hard from now!

a few pounds have been gained..
due to daily consumption of chocolates since March..
more was taken in by me since i saw those letters..
somehow i feel more comfortable after that..
chocolates are like some anti-depressant to me!

Tai Sui ah Tai Sui.. just spare me this time ok?

back in 2004, my trials result suck to the max too..
but i shined in the final hurdle..
i only have a month to improve my grades..
i can repeat history and i will..


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