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Friday, April 4, 2008

fun day including L

finally trials are over..
i think i did really badly in Maths today.. =(
was really depressed initially, but we had so much fun..
so i have decided to be depressed another day..
probably when the trials results are out - in 2 weeks!

anyway, let me teach you guys a way or two
of how to undo depression temporarily..
using this method which kinda worked, for me at least.. =P

hang out with a group of friends.. the more the merrier?
our destination today was Sunway Pyramid..
it is where you meet the familiar Taylor-ian faces, yet again..

have a yummy, filling and reasonable lunch with your pals..
the less interruption, the better.. hehe.. *hints to whoever*
the food was still tasty cos it wasn't the busy hour..
Kim Gary was practically filled with students from my batch!
everyone releasing stress after the last paper? XD

next, you go for a good movie.. finally!!!
especially when your new found celebrity crush is in it..
you guys should already know who i am referring to..
this is like the 3rd post in a row that i have mentioned him..
KENICHI MATSUYAMA!!! *hugs, hugs, hugs tighter*
the show is obviously L: Change The World..
if you have guessed wrongly, go bang your head on the wall!

the posters..

just like in everywhere else that you read..
this movie is basically about the last 23 days of L's on earth..
there's this deadly virus, 12-year-old pretty gal named Maki,
unnamed math genius who is resistant against the virus,
not-so-nutty professors, ok la.. more like scientists..
bad guys who want to create a new world just like Light,
greedy and freaky murderers, loyal detectives..
and of cos legendary L.. duh~

this movie is not exactly scary..
it has a fair share of sad, hilarious and awkward moments..
L can do action stunts too!
and my dear Kenny portrayed L very well.. ^^
we got to see the never-seen-before-sides of L..
he spoke English too, in understandable accent.. so cute!!
he was just so lovable! it's undeniably true..
if you don't believe then go watch for yourself!
which made me like Kenny more..
so he is working harder! *whacked*

during the movie, i shed a few drops of tears.. haha..
at least less than someone.. *points fingers at ~whacked~*
laughed and enjoyed the movie till my heart was contented..
the guy who sat right behind me laughed like an evil witch!
even though when it's not very funny.. no joke!

and i was told that at every so-called intimate scenes of L..
Shi Wen and Melissa was spying at me, to see how i react!
as long as if he's not my real-life boyfriend, i won't mind..
even if i see any of my celebrity crush kissing on-screen..
i would show no hatred against them..
and i'll tell you whether it was nice or not after that.. =)

oh!! and remember to stay at your seat till after the credits..
most of the movie-goers missed the last part!
except for the 8 of us and a couple.. thanks to Swee Yin!
she made us stay after reading an article about it..
she fell in love with L-the-character way before me..
she reads the manga but i don't, you see..
BUT i like Kenny la.. not his character.. so back off la! =P


you remember how L died in Death Note 2: The Last Name ?
after he greeted Light Yagami's father who left the room..
he died peacefully on his sofa while squatting..
and eating his and my favourite - chocolates! *yum yum*
that's how he died in this 3rd installment too..
but it is only shown after the credits.. hehe..

click here for more details.. but it's in Japanese.. XD

like pin-pointed by Shi Wen.. this quote is interesting!
one of L's last lines from the movie to Near..
"No matter how gifted you are,
you alone cannot change the world!'


after that, you sing you heart out at a karaoke session!
my friends can really sing wey.. not me la..
thank God the glass didn't crack when i sang.. =P

sing, sing, sing~

i salute Sun Mei for her powerful and high pitched singing..
but there's a problem.. it's a fact la..
she only wants to sing the female parts during duets!

Melissa and Yizhen know lyrics of plenty of English songs..
Melissa can sing very well and fast too!
Yizhen on the other hand can rap really well..^^
the latter's other-self, Loong Jin..
who constantly pokes her in the name of fun, he left early..
but i still can remember his rendition of You Raise Me Up! XD

Eu Nee's turn.. she knows a lot of songs i have never heard!
and she kept emphasizing that she wants Lollipop..
i thought she was referring to the new Taiwanese band..
mana tau it was actually an English song with funny lyrics..
there's even a shop called Lollipop selling clothes leh..
L stirs his coffee with Lollipop too..
everywhere also Lollipop! why la?
can't they find a more unique name like Meng Yean?
no one i know has that exact spelling, you know.. *whacked*
oh, and i just realized.. Lollipop starts with a LOL..
really can Laugh Out Loud man!!

Shi Wen's voice very cute, too girly to sing guy's part la..
not like me, who can only sing really low key songs.. haha..
and she knows Korean songs too.. so nice!
we also surprised her with an early birthday cake! =)

the birthday girl and her cake..

girls only..

it was supposed to be 3-hour session with drinks included,
but since the system didn't turn off until an hour later..
we stayed back to sing till then! hehe.. so untung leh?
i think my voice got hoarse already la.. T.T

next, you teman your friends to buy doughnuts..
i haven't actually tried J.Co Doughnuts, but...
everything there seemed to be the same as Big Apple's!
after the smell submersed into your clothes..
just like the stinky Asia Cafe smell that hides in your hair..
you join your friends for dinner.. hehe

but i left early though, just sat for 15mins at Sushi Zanmai..
you look at the menu and don't order anything..
and you ask your friends to recommend you nice stuff..
so that you can order them next time..
Shi Wen and Li Keong say wasabi with soy sauce not hot!
Yizhen, did you make sure that they finished the wasabi? =P

so, i spent like 8 whole hours at Pyramid la..
totally enjoyed myself with the happy people!
*thank you Sun Mei for the pictures!*

and that's how you temporarily undo depression..
end of story.. freaking long post! hee~

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