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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

it's about time.. =P


haha.. APRIL FOOLS to all of you!!!

how was my teaser post yesterday?
but i am coming clean this time..

Kenny-the special-guy-that-i-introduced-yesterday?
some of you who are observant enough would have noticed..
Kenny is just a nickname i gave him.. hehe..
his name is Kenichi Matsuyama!!!

i wish i was that lucky la..
but sorry to disappoint you.. T__T

he's a Japanese actor who i took notice around a week ago..
he appeared in an interview for The Star..
his looks were absolutely eye-catching.. loved his smile!
he's officially the first Japanese guy i think is H.O.T.!!!

p/s: i have thought of this April Fool joke since then! =P

Kenichi Matsuyama a.k.a Kenny in The Star article

as you can see,
he played the character L in all 3 Death Note movies..
the latest one L Change The World is in cinemas now..
i have just watched the first two last weekend! hehe..
can't wait to know how he revived and died again..
*Shaun, i know you watch already la..
why you get preview tickets? T__T*

the ever frowning smart-elect L..

and because i had to Google for a suitable picture of him..
as in for the previous post..
and yes, i didn't take that picture! *paiseh and mianhae*
i found out that he's the same guy that i find hot..
and oh-so-perfect-turned-cowardly-jerk in 1 Litre of Tears!
a show that i have watched and cried loads last year.. hehe
he's Aya's senior and first love interest, Yuji Kawamoto..
i can't believe what i saw wey.. same guy!

as Yuji Kawamoto

there are a lot more pictures in the Internet..
so slowly go find yourself if you are interested..
i only chose those nice ones.. hehe
and since he's quite versatile..
he can look so different in different shows..
see what make up can do to us? *salute salute*
the lala pictures of him got rejected by me.. so yeah..

anyway, GOTCHA didn't i? *scores*
i know you feel like whacking me right now..
but at least i made you smiled today.. =)))))

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