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Saturday, April 26, 2008


this is my 100th post! *claps claps*

i actually planned to blog about something else..
but then i changed my mind 30 minutes ago!

i just came across this video in someone's blog..
it was from 13 October 2007's Star King episode..
Star King is a Korean talent show, just to let you know..
and Super Junior is the guest artist for this episode.. =)

presenting Charice Pempengco from Philippines..
then a 15 year 0ld (actually 14 but in her Korean age +1)..
who will mesmerize you with her powerful rendition
of the song "And I am Telling You I Am Not Going"..
and she's definitely not lip-syncing!

did you see the priceless expression on the faces of SuJu?
they were so cute! the audiences were awed by her too!
are you? i definitely am!

anyway, Charice thinks Kyu Hyun is the best in SuJu..
so she chose him among 13 of them to duet with her..
Aladdin theme song "A Whole New World"..
very fantasy like.. hehe.. here you go!

i watched this video over and over again..
so touching right? and she gets a hug too! aww..
and OMG! i think i just fell in love with Kyu Hyun's voice!
i never realize how amazing his voice is until i saw this..
plus he looks way better now with black hair.. H.O.T.!!!
his my 2nd favourite SJM member now.. hee~

p/s: the 1st video is nearly reaching 3 million views..
while the 2nd video is over a million views! XD

is Charice Pampengco's voice still stuck in your head?
are you interested to be a fan of hers?
if yes, then go to Charice's Official Fan Site!
she looks way prettier now compared to few months ago..
and her single "I Have Nothing" is out too! =)

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