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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

movie freak!

it is now the 5th day of my 2-week break..
and i haven't done anything useful since it started!
i mean like seriously.. i feel like a piece of junk..
well, except for doing one P3 maths past year,
and cooking dinner for my family since mum wasn't well..

wasn't at home for 2 days and 2 nights..
i didn't do anything stupid like running away from home..
cos i am still quite dependent on my parents..
especially money-wise! hehe..

anyway, let's talk about some happy stuff..
i have finally finished and started some drama series! ^^V

first up is "9 Ends 2 outs"..
it is a Korean series i started since end of last year..
i was just too lazy to wait for it to get loaded.. hehe..

9 Ends 2 Outs

basically, this is not the typical Korean drama..
it revolves around coming of age singles - 30 year-olds!
it uses the baseball theme to compare fate and lives
of coming of age singles - 30 year-olds!
it talks about people facing everyday issues
and how they dealt with their emotions..
how the past influences the present and how they adapt..
the ups and downs of friendship and love..
there are a few love triangles though.. hehe

L-R: Hwang Ji Hyun, Lee Jung Jin, Soon Ae and Lee Tae Sung

love birds: 22 year-old Jung Joo and 30 year-old Nan Hee

Shin Joo Young (Im Yoona of Girls' Generation) gets involved

2 guys over a girl: Byun Hyun Tae VS Kim Jung Joo

this is awkward: Park Ji Sun (middle) is Hyun Tae's gf..

they both like Hyun Tae: Hong Nan Hee VS Yoon Sung Ah

Hyun Tae VS Lee Joon Mo: I wanna marry Nan Hee!!

Lee Sang Woo acts as Lee Joon Mo in this series.. HOT!!

house mates: a guy and a girl?

would you even play this game?

best friends turn lovers

up next is War Of In-Laws 2 / 野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶
i started this Hong Kong TVB series since February!
i took so long to finish cos i don't really like Bosco..
but this series seemed like Devil Wears Prada..
involves fashion, love and family.. hehe

Liza Wang acts as Ophelia, the iron lady..
who is Elva fashion magazine editor-in-chief..
her son is Kyle Gwo Duk acted by Bosco Wong..
who married Chow Lai Mun, acted by Myolie Wu..
and here goes the story.. blablabla

War Of In-Laws 2 / 野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶

they got married after 2 months knowing each other?

this is what you wear on your 1st day in Elva

big boss's son likes her?

they as crushes here and as siblings in The Seventh Day!

Chow Lai Mun VS Athena.. who gets Kyle?

Athena is acted by Vivien Yeo (former Miss Malaysia)

they are a cute couple!

Coco and CC? mismatched couple.. =P

since when girls carried guys? so heavy wey..

the big happy Elva family..=)

next show is The Seventh Day / 最美丽的第七天..
it took me 1.5 weeks to finish.. hehe..
the smart YouTube deleted a lot of episodes..
so i had to look for other resources.. not telling ya here! =P

The Seventh Day / 最美丽的第七天

this is another TVB series.. 2008 production!
it involves 2 guys born on the same day of the same year..
they are different people with different attitudes..
so obviously their point of view on love is not the same!

Kevin Cheng acts as Yau Chi Wing/游志穎
an odd job worker who takes relationship seriously..
Bosco Wong acts as Don Hui Wai Yan/ 許懷仁
is money-minded and takes love as a tool to
climb a the social ladder a.k.a. getting richer..

by chance, they both meet their partners..
Chi Wing's is Ling Ka Yan/凌加恩 (acted by Niki Chow)..
Don's is Sasa Wong Chi Kwan/王芷君 (acted by Natalie Tong)

Chi Wing, Kah Yan and Jack the smart dog

Chi Wing and his ex Yuen Jing/阮靜 (Selina Li acts)

no harm helping your rival..

the doctor and Ling Ka Yan..

happy being together..=)

they started dating each other in a weirdest way!

Don and Sasa under the rain..

they missed each other only when they split =.=

DDMK: the four bosses of Ten Restaurant /Ten厅

Kevin and Niki make a good couple..=)

Bosco and Natalie look cute!

who makes a hotter and better dad? Kevin, he's 40!!

as i said earlier, i have started 2 other series few days ago..
first is a slightly old Korean series Marrying A Millionaire..

Marrying A Millionaire

this series started with an adaption from
the American reality show with a similar name..
heard of it huh? but this is a Korean version.. hehe

Han Eun Young (acted by Kim Hyun Joo) and
Kim Young Hoon (acted by Ko Soo) are ex-classmates..
Eun Young used to like Young Hoon until she found out
that behind that handsome face is a pea brain..
their paths came across again when they are adults..

PD Yoo Jin Ha (by Yoon Sang Hyun) requested
Young Hoon who does all sorts of jobs for money
to act as the show's millionaire..
8 girls were chosen to be the potential bride..
and one of them is Eun Young.. and blablabla..

Kim Ki Bum acts as young Young Hoon..

dating with Young Hoon the "millionaire"

i still have 5 more episodes to go la..
so i can't elaborate on what happens next..
but currently, a lot of controversy is going on..
Young Hoon is now a rising star in Seoul..
he still likes Eun Young, and hearts only her..
PD Yoo who is rich likes Eun Young..
Eun Young is in the crossroads of choosing one of them..
the show's host Jung Soo Min (acted by Soon Tae Young)
is a rich man's daughter who likes Young Hoon.. =)

during an interview..

host Jung Soo Min and PD Yoo Jin Ha.. H.O.T!!!

obviously this is the ending la.. but i want to know how..

last but not least, the most recent Taiwanese series..
recommended by my cousin, Sis Wui..
Fated To Love You/命中注定我爱你..=)

Fated To Love You/命中注定我爱你

L-R: Baron Chen, Joe Chen, Bianca Bai, Ethan Ruan

it has been aired in Taiwan for a month already..
basically it's about 2 strangers,
Chen Xin Yi/陈欣怡 (acted by Joe ChenQiao En)
Ji Chun Xi/纪存希
(acted by Ethan Ruan Jing Tian)
who went for a cruise with their respective partners..
ended up having a one-night stand with each other..

this happened unexpectedly because..
Chun Xi, a big boss in a big company, was drugged..
XinYi, an office lady, went to the wrong room..
and they thought that each other were their partners..

Anna, Chun Xi's girlfriend did not board the cruise..
she choose her career and left for America..
she has already rejected Chun Xi's proposals many times..
but she knows Chun Xi will wait for her dearly..

Gu Zhe, Xin Yi's supposedly handsome boyfriend..
cheated her with an old widow.. very shocking huh?
he asked herto return to their room and wait for him..

who's Gu Zhe? who's Anna?

the romantic "proposal"

this is what you wear to buy pregnancy kit! XD

and so the product of their one-night stand?
Xin Yi got pregnant!!
and Chun Xi's grandma forced them to get married..
she's desperate for her great-grandchild! =.=

Chun Xi and his funny grandma..

i think she's the grandma in Bull Fighting too!
but she looks a bit too young to be one la.. haha

ok. enough of spoilers already.. go watch them for yourself!

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