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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hang Kim's 21st

Saturday evening was Hang Kim's 21st birthday party..
left the house at 5 plus, tumpang cousin Creamy's car ma..
he always leaves early for wherever.. unlike me.. =P
so on the way, we went to fetch Nanzi..
upon seeing Aaron playing football outside her house,
we quickly fled the scene before he notice our presence!

we were figuring out how to give Hang Kim his present..
so we resorted to buying 3 RM1 ice-creams at a petrol station!
1 from each of us.. see we so kedekut..
it was my funny idea cos Hang Woon say anything also can! XD

only few steps away from the house it started drizzling..
Creamy was running while Nanzi and i can only walk faster..
sadly i cannot run in heels, i think the same goes with her.. hee~
and the moment we stepped into the house compound..
it started raining cats and dogs! *phew* lucky us..

Hui Jian, Chee Yin and Pei Wen were already eating then..
so we 3 also served ourselves too..
you know, it's good to be the first few to eat..
cos there were plenty of food, plus there's no queue!

the variety of home-cooked food quite yummy too.. hehe..
i didn't try the curry or rendang though,
they say it's very spicy so no thanks!
because i'll turn. err.. red! as in really red..
if you don't believe ask my college friends.. XD

Hang Woon became the umbrella boy as more guest arrived..
the main character was no where to be seen..
at least until we were done eating.. haha..

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