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Thursday, April 24, 2008


i have just told Mel that i am so gonna blog about this!
we went to Monash University Malaysia campus just now..
immediately after class to inquire about their courses..

i drove there and parked at their RM2 an hour carpark bay..
it was my first time parking that way between 2 cars..
you know, the turn-90-degrees-to-go-in parking lot..
due to my really bad judgement, i parked sengeted.. =.=
i didn't dare to try further just in case i bang car again!
so i asked the more experience Mel to park for me..
her skills are better than mine.. obviously la.. hehe..
but then we still had to come out from the passenger's seat!

anyway, that's not my point..
we walked above the monsoon drain to get to the campus..
and straight to the marketing department area..
a few people left when we arrived,
leaving Mel and i, a couple and 2 staffs in there..
the area much more spacious than Taylor's Student Service..
but not as cold la.. hehe..

btw, Taylor's new air-cond really very cold leh..
i nearly became ice woman! seriously..

Mel told staff A she wanted to inquire about MBBS..
they don't have Pharmacy there.. so yeah..
Mel was given some pamphlets ..
and staff A told us to wait for a counsellor.. fine la.. wait..

i saw staff A and staff B talking to each other in a cubicle..
drinking coffee and munching on biscuits i think..
a black guy in green came in also to inquire about courses..
he was also given pamphlets and told to wait..
so 3 tables of people waiting to be served!

*tick tock tick tock* 30 minutes has passed..

Mel was done filling the application form..
i assumed the counsellors went out for lunch..
then 2 guys came in and sat down, took out some papers..
followed by a middle-aged man who is the counsellor..
he entertained the couple before us first..
so i told Mel we wait for that man to finish la..

2 minutes later, staff B walked towards
the-guys-who-came-in-later and asked: how can i help you?
that was when i got really pissed..
she's a counsellor? BLOODY HELL!!!
shouldn't she serve us the moment we got in???
or immediately after she had her so-called break???

i looked at Mel, Mel looked at me..
i think she saw my really annoyed face..
her face also turned black la.. whose won't?
then that stupid staff B continued talking very loudly
in a i-am-so-surprised tone and her stupid accent..
fine la.. we still continued to wait for that man..

out of the blue, more groups of students entered..
by now, all the places are filled.. and we were STILL waiting..
after staff B was done, the guys left.. THEY LEFT BEFORE US!!!

guess what the stupid staff B did after that?
she took a glance at us and walked towards another group..
yes, another group that came in later than the guys!
and asked that same BLOODY question..
i raised my hand and she just looked at me blankly!

walao A, i tell you, i was damn pissed at that time!!!
Mel said staff B probably only entertain guys..
i don't think so lor.. cos i saw the angry black guy in green..
i think staff B is biased and prefer to flirt with guys..
for god's sake, the guys are not even cute!!!
lucky thing the man entertain us after that..

the poor black guy in green

the group who arrived very much later..

staff B thinks innocent looking harmless girls like us
very easy to bully is it? NOTTTTT!!!
if it was not for Mel's application i would have already
confronted and bombarded staff B with sarcastic remarks..
and stomp out of the stupid building!!!
then i'll blogged a long post about my annoyance..
asking everyone to boycott Monash University Malaysia..
just like Xiaxue about her terrible Bintan trip..
but then my blog is not as famous to give such effect! =(

staff B's back.. *read the red words*

why on earth such people exist? why la?
and they called themselves the MARKETING DEPARTMENT!
if she's the American cheerleader-type, i'll understand la..
she's not even prettier than me, at least to my opinion.. =P
i really hate people who behave like people they are not!

this i-don't-care-about-prospective-students attitude
really makes me wonder whether they'll even bother about
students in their university.. well, i don't care now..
it's not like i'll ever go there again anyway..
they gave me really bad impression.. just like KDU..

i remembered about KDU's 4-hours Add Maths talk..
i went there cos i thought it'll help my sucky Add Maths..
which made me missed one day of class before trials..
kononnya, it'll be 4-hours of GREAT Add Maths..
turned out to be an hour of solving simple questions..
and continued by 3-hours of introduction to KDU's
Hospitality & Tourism and Culinary Arts course..
which i was not even a slight bit interested!
mind you, they did not mention a word about this earlier..
see? this is how they manipulate us.. sigh..

ISSSHHH.. i am still mad out it..
p/s: sorry to Hui Ting, Ze Wei and Chee Yin..
i know i am b*tching about your colleges and universities..
but this is really what i think! no offense to you.. =)

p/p/s: i was planning to write a happy long overdue post..
but i haven't got the pictures from Hui Ting yet.. *hints hints*

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1 comment:

God Machine said...

At least you only faced the problem with the clerical staff. I was pissed off with arrogant behavior from the senior admin staff and the professor.

I won't recommend anyone to go for this university and I won't step in to there anymore. Damn pissed off today.