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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

it's about time..

today is only my 2nd day driving to college..
and i already kissed someone else's bumper.. =.=
not that i was speeding or anything ok..
i wasn't in the box of the parking lot..
so i was trying to reverse out.. and MUAKZ!!!

the moment i felt the bump, i was cursing myself..
so i quickly parked the car nicely,
and went down to check the person's car..
thank god his/her car was perfectly fine plus nobody in it!
*phew* what a relieve! then i went to check my car..
walau A! lots of scratches and the paint came off! T__T
i told my mum the moment i reached home..
and obviously i got scolding la.. sigh..
now have to tell my dad and uncle and be prepared..
to fork out money la.. what else? T___T

we went to the market for lunch again..
erm, more like breakfast cos it was at 10am! hehe..
i missed the cheap meal and "lin ji kang" so much.. XD
it was the first time for Eu Nee, Yizhen and Sun Mei..
and Yizhen is overwhelmed by the experience..
it was her first "chap fan" with meat that cost less than RM5!

lunch with them was really fun..
we laughed a lot, practically till my tummy ached!
thanks to all our lameness and jokes.. hehe..
most of Melissa's sentences somehow sounded so wrong!
i finished my meal the fastest this time! a new record! wee~

i got my MUET registration slip today.. finally!
took a good look at it and noticed something amiss..
my speaking test on Monday morning 7.30am leh!
who on earth can babble so much early in the morning?
and haven't they heard of the phrase "Monday blues"?
i know i damn blur case in the morning lor..
Melissa suggested i don't sleep on Sunday night.. @.@
so hopefully the invigilator also the same.. *day-dreaming*
then probably he would give me Band 6.. hehe *whacked*

oh ya, we got our A Level's year book today..=)
but i have no idea why they put monks on the front cover!
Shi Wen say it's showing the after effect of A Levels..
you get so stressed till all your hair drops.. terrible ain't it?
i wonder whether they are saving cost..
my college life isn't as dull as black and white la!

take a look..
the book is called "Carpe Diem/Edition 15" not "Harmony"!

contents wise, i think my high school's year book is better..
i am not saying that because i was in the editorial board..
but seriously, this is just not as great! hehe..
there are a lot of people i haven't seen before in there too..
talking about ignorance.. i am terrible!
at least our pictures turned out nice.. *peace*

and just something random..


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