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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 2008

i guess most of you have read the news?
about the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 2008..
let's not talk about the protests and yadaa yadaa~

i don't think i'll be able to watch the live telecast of
the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008..

Beijing Summer Olympics 2008

the official mascots.. so cute!!

so let's talk about the Torch Relay Malaysia Leg..
Kuala Lumpur to be exact! hehe..
it'll be on Monday, 21st April 2008..
scheduled to start at 2.25pm and end at 6.15pm..
80 torch bearers are involved..
each of them will run a distance of 250m in 2.5 minutes!

the Beijing Olympic Torch

Dataran Merdeka will be their starting point..

passing through the KL City Hall..

National Monument..

Parliament House..

National Musuem..

National Mosque..

KL Railway Station..

Merdeka Stadium..

Wisma OCM..

Pudu Jail..

Berjaya Times Square..

Sungei Wang Plaza..

all the way to the top of KL Tower..

and finally to KLCC, the finishing line..

the Olympic flame is to arrive in KL on Sunday morning..
and after that off to Jakarta after the event..

i would love to see the torch relay..
but i can only make it after 4pm..
plus we were advised to use public transport..
any cars blocking the way will be towed without notice!!

special police squad will be assisting the torch bearers..
so most probably passer-by won't be seeing a thing..
due to the human wall formed around the torch..
just in case another nut case tries to put out the flame..
till now, i just don't get those people..
why involve politics in sports?? sad case..

since China actually gave Malaysia the honour..
hopefully the relay will go on as smooth as possible.. =)

do check out this website for more details
on the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 2008! it's nice! ^^

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