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Saturday, May 31, 2008

battle of the bands

this is a super lame post.. in the name of fun! *peace*
you just have to guess which band or singing group
i am referring to based on the clues given ok?
from the east and west, whether disbanded or not..
they are/were popular at their prime, that's why i know them!
so here goes.. =)

1. what happens when you put a pretty gal, a vain gal
and a tomboy together? S.H.E.

2. the big group of guys which seniors are afraid of and
gals are crazy about? Super Juniors

3. when the sun rise from the east, not the Japanese flag ok?
Dong Bang Shin Ki / TVXQ / 东方神起

4. girl scouts rule over the boys!
Girls' Generation / So Nyuh Shin Dae (SNSD)

5. different temperatures form a dynamic equilibrium..
Fahrenheit / 飞轮海

6. when they are here, most adults get a day off..
Mayday / 五月天

7. 5 guys under an umbrella..
183 Club (if read in Chinese, sounds like 一把伞)

8. two sets of double digit numbers adjacent to each other..

9. they will always be there, but just in different forms..

10. i think they are

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fahrenheit's latest Jap MV

//EDIT: i finally uploaded the pictures for the May 22 post! =)

this is Fahrenheit's Japanese MV: Stay With You
the song is just alright la.. hehe..
but they look so awesome in white!! *day-dreaming*

here's the lyrics of the song translated from Japanese:

fuki nuketa kaze ga yurashi teru
shin ryoku no kaate n
hito hira kimi no ho o ima kazaru shizuku

nani o ieba ii ii takute demo ienai de iru
kowareta tokei mitai sa
I can't step over myself

furu eteru kata o tsuyoku daki yosetai no ni

I just wanna Stay With You
hitori de nakanai de
sono namida kawakasu yo o na
I can be your sunshine forever
kesenai kizu nara kizuna ni kae nagara
mirai dake boku dake o mite
We can be together zutto ei en ni

sumikitta sora to taiyo ga
egao o okureru yo ni
shime kitta mado
I keep on knocking on your door

tame ratta mama ja kiseki na n te oko senai

I just wanna Stay With You
ima kimi ni tsuta e yo ano egao omo i daserusa
I promise if I can be your one
kokoro no sokokara kimi wo aishiteru
itsu mademo hanasana i kara
I'll be there for you when you need me
because I love you
kagi ga aku oto ga ima kiko e ta kigashita

(repeat this part once again)

but i don't understand the lyrics at all..
except for the English part la.. obvious right?
so Swee Yin or Chee yin.. can help me ah? *blinks blinks*

listen to Wu Chun speak in Cantonese too..
he's just as good as me.. haha..
his name in Cantonese is "Hmm Jiun".. so funny!

i wonder when will his debut Hong Kong movie be release?
and i hope he really didn't had a relationship with Ella..
i mean how could he with that tomboy? @#$%^

and OMG!!! Fahrenheit coming to KLCC tomorrow..
to promote Cannon camera at 2.30pm..
sure filled with fans like me or more fanatic than me de! XD
i want to go.. but got other pre-scheduled stuff to do..
hopefully i can make it on time! *cross fingers*

when i told my mum about it..
my youngest brother who were next to us went like:
" Jie, you everytime also want to see Wu Chun..
why not marry him then can see him everyday!"
haha.. how i wish lor.. ^^V

but i got EVERYTIME see him meh?
this is only like my 4th time asking permission to see Chun..
1st was the S.H.E concert.. next was a charity concert..
then it was the Romantic Princess promotion..
and now is this.. fourth time only ma.. =P

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a birthday gift..


since this is officially your last year of being a teenager..
here's a special birthday gift to you..

i noticed that you love this word so much..
until the extend of you using it ever so often..
presenting to you:

L-R: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key

SHINee (pronounced as Shiny) is a new Korean boyband
founded by SM Entertainment..
they debuted around a week ago..
and is thought to be the lead of generation Y..
in terms of trendy dance, music and fashion!

their band name SHINee means "people receiving the light"
or to be more accurate.. spotlight!
their goal is to fascinate fans, regardless of age and
where they are from.. with their diverse music! kononnya la..

btw, if you didn't know..
the successful and popular K-pop music groups like
TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls' Generation
are also the brainchild of SM Entertainment.. =)

oh, this newbie may be a little too young for you..
they compromise of 5 members..
aged between 15-19 years old this year.. hehe

Onew (real name: Lee Jinki) is 19-to-be group leader..
Kim Jonghyun is exactly a year younger than Wen!
Lee Taemin, the youngest and turning 15..
Choi Minho is 17-to-be and freaking tall..
Key (Kim Kibum too!) and 53 weeks younger than me!

they all can speak Chinese and also taller than me.. haha
shortest is 173cm while the tallest is 181cm.. *whistles*
check them out from SHINee's official website..

this is their debut MV: Replay / Noona Is So Pretty
btw, noona is how Korean guys call an elder girl.. *peace*

OMG!!! they totally can sing so well.. LIVE!!!
this is their official debut performance..
a MUST watch.. not even out of tune leh..
they are not as hot as DBSK or some SuJu but then.. *drools*
must see how they perform next before i fall for them.. XD

oh.. and they gave lollipops to their fans too.. so nice! ^^

realized one thing?
they wore the same clothes for the MV, debut performance
and the fan meeting session.. probably by purpose?
so that fans can identify SHINee members easily! =)

so Yizhen ah.. just say "SHINee" and you can have them all!
but Shi Wen and i may grab them away in no time.. =P

p/s: this is my first ever scheduled post..
i am having my exam in few hours time.. wish me luck!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

love for Joe

my Joe Cheng's latest Taiwanese idol drama is out!
but i have no idea why it's still not on YouTube.. T__T
probably those up-loaders watch GTV and not CTS ba..
CTS aired the 1st episode last night at 10pm..
while GTV will be airing it on May 31 at 10.30pm!
a long wait for me.. aiyaya..

i forgot to introduce the drama hor..
it's called 蜂蜜幸运草 / Honey and Clover..
it is based on a popular manga series of the same name..
the anime and Japanese real-life version were out long ago!
now here comes the Taiwanese version.. can't wait!!! XD

L-R: 彭于晏/Eddie Peng, 李国毅/Lego Li, Japanese Ito Chiaki,
张钧宁/Janine Chang
and 郑元畅/Joe Cheng

here is the Honey and Clover preview..

the love triangles chart.. hehe..

next is the MV:
幸运草的祝福 / Wishes of The Lucky Clover
sung by Clover band, the cast of this series..
i prefer seeing them acting much more than singing! =)

now this is the ending song.. quite nice la..
it's called 想你的习惯 / Habit of Thinking About You..

i felt the female characters don't look good with Joe!
i believe the only reason is because..
i miss the Joe Cheng - Ariel Lin on-screen coupling.. haha..
take a look at all their 43 kisses..
lasting from 5 seconds to 3 minutes.. =P
from the middle of 恶作剧之吻 / It Started With A Kiss..
all the way to the end of 恶作剧2吻 / They Kissed Again! ^^

and that was how their story ended.. aww..
now you know why they make a good on-screen couple!

anyway, check out more about Honey and Clover..
the Taiwanese idol series i meant, in their website.. enjoy!

ok, i know i should be studying.. not blogging! *peace*

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Friday, May 23, 2008

how stupid..

warning! whining post ahead..
if you are lazy to read..
the main points are in different colour..
i did it for your convenience! hehe

ishh.. i am getting pissed right now..

one of the computers in my house got virus..
which is the computer i am using right now..
not my laptop.. thank god!
as in being attacked by viruses kao kao..

last time it was this "Hacked by Pokemon" thing..
it was like a year back or something..
so every time i used Internet Explorer..
the words on blue bar right on top of the window..
"Hacked by Pokemon" will start moving.. =.=""

and this time the virus attack Mozilla Firefox only!
so when i clicked on to the Firefox icon..
a pop-up window will appear..
and on the blue bar of the window says:
and right below is written:

yup, that's exactly the words on my screen.. sigh..

now i can't even scan this computer for viruses..
really cannot be saved any more la..
have to send for reformatting..
means all my files will be deleted! sadnya..
luckily i have back up copies for my pictures and songs..
saved them long ago else where, so should be ok right?

talking about viruses..
my phone also kena virus already.. 4 different kinds leh!
so next time don't even bother Bluetooth-ing me.. T__T

but i just don't get it lor..
this people so smart and have so much time..
can they put there brains into better use?
instead of inventing viruses that put others into misery?

yet another thing to mention..
people sometimes don't use their common senses..
have you been reading the papers lately?

first the Tun Mahathir resignation from UMNO..
i don't get why he still making a fuss in politics..
yes, i did look high upon him in the past..
i recall standing on the stage of Stadium Bukit Jalil,
my card and name displayed on the large screen..
followed by a live telecast of that moment..
in front of thousands of people in the stadium.. =)

it was totally a last minute entry, and i got lucky!
i was one of the 21 children chosen
among thousands of participants throughout Malaysia..
to present my DIY card to Dr Mahathir..
to commemorate his 21 years of service as a Prime Minister..
shaking hands with Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah..
with my heart pumping so quickly and hands trembling!
that was way back in 2002..
and it was one of my proudest moments of my life! hehe..

come on, how often will you get to shake Mahathir's hand
and speak with him face to face..
without a large crowd pushing towards you..
and bodyguards around him blocking you?
that happened the next day when we were at
his office in Putrajaya alright!
but it paid off cause i passed him another card..
(the organisers asked me to make another one)
and got his and his wife's signature.. thanks to my bro!

respected Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad..

ok, back to my point now..
i mean, he's 80 plus year old already..
he should be happily retired by now..
enjoying slow walks around the garden with his wife or
travel around the world since he has so much money!
but he what he chose instead?
to dig out as much dirt of the past..
(as people use the phrase "dirty politics")
and ideas to bring down his handpicked predecessor!

read more about Mahathir's opinions in his blog

his attitude totally turns people off.. especially for
those who regard him as one of the greatest man alive!
at least in my opinion la..
so i say.. Tun, let your legacy and your Mahathirism..
be memories of the past which would be appreciated..
please don't let your image and reputation be tarnished!

whether the current government will triumph or flop..
just let them be.. you said ministers and BN members
are all Pak Lah's yes-men..
i believe they were the same during your time..
have you thought of that? i doubt so..
so just let the matter rest and off your fist ok?

try to stop being a superman!

next is aboout a psychotic woman called Munirah..
she thinks our "sexy" Malaysian school uniform for girls..
are attracting rape and sexually arouse men!
i was like @#$%^&* when i read her article yesterday!
walao eh.. female against female..

have you seen how the uniform look like?
the pinafore, baju kurung and the Form 6 girls' uniform?
they have been around since forever..
so why didn't she complain when she was wearing them?
my as well ask our girls wear guni sacks to school..
oh wait, guni sacks are much sexier than the uniform!

primary school girls' uniform

the baju kurung clad girls

how much you want the students to cover up?
i looked at my mum's school days pictures..
the teachers were wearing mini skirts to school leh!
as in until half the thigh.. it was the fashion back then..
and guess what? regardless of the races and religion..
all the students were wearing shorts for sports..
yes, as short as the mini skirts.. how about now?
i guess some people's mentality goes backwards
and Malaysia is trying to progress forward..
which is really really really sad..

yes, i would still love to call myself a Malaysian..
so voicing out my opinion is also part of transparency
our government is emphasizing so much about!
but i doubt my personal opinion make any differences..
cos i am not anybody influential.. haha..

Buddha once said..
"Hatred cannot be ceased by hatred, but by love."
i don't hate anybody, so *peace*

thank you for reading this freaking long post of mine!
p/s: all pictures are from the internet..

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

and so..

still have no idea who's the American Idol 2008?
watch this.. it's freaking awesome!!! =)

anyway, i had my first A2 Finals paper this morning..
an hour after the result show was aired live..
so yeah.. 5 more papers to go.. *prays prays*

after today's Biology paper, hopefully i can score well.. =)
5 of us: me, Shi Wen, Melissa, Sun Mei and Yizhen..
the same people who went prom dress shopping together!
headed to Sunway Pyramid for lunch at Sushi Zanmai..
wee~ finally i ate there!!!

i was so hungry that i could practically eat a cow!
i know i am exaggerating but then this is my expression! =P
i was hungry throughout the entire paper..
drinking lots of water to prevent my stomach from growling..
i did ate my breakfast ok.. cereal and energy bar!

so i have no idea why my stomach emptied so fast..
probably due to the increase secretion of stress hormones..
causing more carbohydrates used as respiratory substrate!
i am crapping.. *ignore me*

ok, so back to Sushi Zanmai..
when you are hungry, it's best to just order sushi..
as long as there's rice, it's good!
ate some dishes recommended by Shi Wen.. ^^

then, it was time for the surprise birthday cake..
Shi Wen and i brought it along to the restaurant for Yizhen..
both of us came separately from the 3 of them, you see..
oh btw, Yizhen's birthday is next week..
it falls on the only exam day that has 2 papers.. sad-nya!
so we decided to celebrate for her in advance! =)

when the cake arrived at our table,
the blurred Yizhen went like:
"is that Melissa's cake?" we were all like stunned..
"Melissa your birthday is in May too right?" @.@
all 3 of us were like "NOOOO!!!"
it took her N-seconds to realize the cake was for her.. =.="

Yizhen's reasoning was because Melissa sat in the middle!

next was the lighting of a candle on the cake..
the wind from the air-cond was blowing towards us..
so no matter how the waitress lit it, it went off..
she got the manager to switch off the air-cond for a while..
but her efforts was in vain, so what the waitress did was..
lit the candle and placed her palm around the flame..
while we were singing the birthday song..
we can't stop laughing about it.. haha..

after 1234567890 times of lighting the candle.. haha..

glad that you had a great surprise! XD

another memorable thing was that..
after a number of pictures were taken..
we ate our slices of cake with chopsticks!
a recorded first! hehe..

Yizhen ecstatic when cutting the cake..

so the pro "cake-cutter" Shi Wen took over..

she finally managed to pull the candle out!

eating the cake the Japanese style: with chopsticks.. ^^

after that we went for a round of shopping..
supposedly for clutches and shoes for prom..
but we ended up empty-handed when it was time to leave..
my legs were killing me during the window shopping..
lack of exercise, that explains the increase in weight too!

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

my productivity this week

seriously, i need to stay away from my books for a while!
somehow now, my head is feeling very heavy..
it's not that it's fully filled with information alright..
our brains can store 1 million plus another
i-don't-know-how-many-miles of zeroes..
(the distance is approximately from earth to the moon!)
gigabytes of information.. it's definitely a lot!
like a memory of a few billion computers!!
so obviously my brains still have a lot of space.. =.=

i have been studying in the library for the past week!
not alone la of cos, studying together with my classmates..
Shi Wen, Melissa, Sun Mei and Yizhen..
at least i studied more than i studied at home.. haha..

but on Thursday, the 5 of us went prom dress shopping..
it was tiring but fun.. haha..
we are planning on casual wear shopping next! XD

talking about Thomas Cup now..
i hope the Koreans make the Chinese fight till the end..
just like Malaysia against China in the semi-finals..
that stupid Hafiz Hashim!! *@!#$%^&*
he didn't even put up a fight for god's sake..
even if he did, it didn't last long.. ish.. that attitude of his!
Malaysia have no other players ma???

the only Malaysians who fought well yesterday were..
Lee Chong Wei who beat Lin Dan in straight sets..
and Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd tazari - Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif
who beat Xie Zhong Bo - Guo Zhen Dong of China..
their winning styles were superb!! XD

maximum adreline rush in Lee Chong Wei

world no.1 Lin Dan

Bao Cun Lai beat old-timer Wong Choon Han

winning moment for Fairuzizuan and Zakry (L-R)

Chen Jin beat "very hot when hot, very cold when cold" Hafiz

Malaysia had to settle for the bronze medal..

Park Sung Hwan won Korea's first semi-final match in style!

Koreans ecstatic when Lee Hyun Il sealed a place
for them in their first ever Thomas Cup finals

i am looking forward for today's 1st men's doubles match!
between the following two teams.. hehe..
i absolutely love see them playing.. *love love love*
i like Cai Yun and Lee Yong Dae better.. *day dreaming*

Cai Yun-Fu Hai Feng of China

Jung Jae Sung- Lee Yong Dae of Korea

as much as i want Koreans to win this year's Thomas Cup,
i think the Chinese deserve more due to their sportmanship!
Koreans used dirty tactics as you all knew..
so it'll be an interesting battle thus evening! wee~

plus next week we will see the American Idol finale..
the day of my first paper! *gulps*

the battle of the Davids: Cook VS Archuleta

do look at their transformations throught the Idol phase..
i think hottie pie Cook will beat cutie pie Archuleta *peace*
that's my opinion.. what about yours?

and btw, my favourite quote of the week by Shi Wen:
"Can you be more productive?"
yes i can! off to the books now! hehe..

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

memories of beloved 0701PM10~

9th may 2008 was the last day we studied as a class..
but it was a no-books-affair that day..
instead, it was a camwhoring and autograph-signing day!!!
and about this, we forgot to take photos with our yearbooks!

last Friday happened to be Teachers' Day as well..
but the juniors celebrated with the lecturers this time..
and the lecturers were treated with a feast.. i saw lamb!!
we bought each of our lecturers roses too! =)

taken last year during Teachers' Day celebration!!

a lot of camwhoring went on throughout the week..
but the most had to be on Friday itself.. hehe..
here are some of the pictures we took in 2008..

at Salmon Steak.. all the whites happened to sit together!

the colourful ones at Salmon Steak..

one of the all black days.. Anand is in here! *priceless*

last Wednesday at Burger King..

last Thursday, supporting Heart Day in red at Cabana..

picture with Miss Kwek, last day at Chemistry Lab

Miss Kwek, our class mentor and Chemistry lecturer..
i thought she was a pretty serious lecturer..
that was the impression she first gave to me.. hehe..
but as we got to know her better, she was actually
quite funny, her actions were very cute too! =)
i could still remember the expression on her face
when we told her that she will get free manicure!
plus her notes are just fantabulous! XD

people were looking and asking us to pull for the water!

Yun Xin appeared out of no where and pull it.. naughty!! =P

with Mr Karamjeet..

Mr Karamjeet is our Mathematics lecturer..
you remember me whining about him last time?
"you all should just mass jump out of the window!"
although he was really good in maths..
i hated his sarcasm so much at that time.. seriously!
then some how this year i started to enjoy his class..
and found out that he's actually nice, not mean..
when we said "hi sir" ti him outside class..
he would wave, smile and go like "hai~~~".. =P
but then, handphones are still strictly not allowed!

the short hairs.. *not all present*
clockwise from top left: Sun Mei, Shu Yi,
Yik Sheng, Siew Li, me, Pearly and Ee Ching

the long hairs.. *not all present either*
L-R: Yizhen, Shi Wen, Jia Le, Eu Nee and Swee Yin..

they were experimenting new hairstyles.. so cute! hehe..

with Miss Balvinder, last day at Biology lab..

Miss Balvinder is our Biology lecturer..
she was the one that made me like the subject..
her classes were enjoyable and easily understood..
we do spend a lot of time talking in class..
like things outside the syllabus such as gossips!
i think we laughed the most during her class! hehe..

Miss Gurpreet was our Thinking Skills lecturer..
we haven't had her class in half a year..
but i don't really miss it.. hehe..
cos till now i still have no idea what is it about!
i just can remember staring at her lips..
as she'll use all sorts of unique colours.. hehe..
she calls her students' name the way she likes it..
like She Won (Shi Wen) and You Win (Chean Yuin)!
i recall us laughing about that! =P

enough about lecturers, now about my classmates!
we may have different cliques in our class at first..
but we grew stronger as a class as time passed..=)

with my closest college pals.. L-R: me, Shi Wen and Melissa..

Shi Wen.. the first girl i sat next to in class..
cos there's the empty seat after i entered the door!
we have been spending a lot of time together since!
she's so far the smartest friend i know..
she can literally write the entire A Level syllabus!
she's a music and Korean freak! more than me! =P
a patient friend of mine who everyone looks up to!
stay put on your Yunho cos i still want Si Won! XD
i still wonder how good is Penang Char Kuey Teow?

Melissa.. the girl who causes global warming..
we got closer after Elaine and Adele left..
she is calm usually but gets "kan jiong" very quickly!
my partner-in-crime of spot-for-HOT-guys.. hehe..
phrases that come from her sounds wrong at times!
and always insist that people stalk her.. *hints*
plus everybody's guy is her guy.. so watch out! =P

the threesome.. L-R: Sun Mei, Yizhen and Eu Nee

Sun Mei.. a PTS student like me! but older.. wee~
if guys have heard her sing, you'll swoon over her!
looks brave huh? but she is afraid of.. *whacked*
once she scream out of seat after seeing it! =P
she's nice and friendly and loves to camwhore!
her tears flow out pretty easily.. *thinks of L*

Yizhen.. our assistant class representative..
she really makes a good lawyer cos she can talk!
when being teased, she'll direct attention elsewhere..
another smarty and "mother" to Yik Sheng and Jia Le!
fondly known as Stitch and 97 etc.. XD
very sporting girl who dances to the song "Uuuuu"..
she can rap really well too.. don't pray pray ah~
Kelantan less pollution compared to KL huh? =)

Eu Nee.. the lamest girl in class i can say..
her lame jokes are really funny!
spending time with her, she osmosis lameness to me!
but i seriously pity you lor, every time also kena
said stalking Melissa.. can't remember when it started!
but Lollipop~ it has the weirdest lyrics leh.. XD

the best friends.. L-R: Chean Yuin and Pearly

Chean Yuin.. the "dai ka jie" in class..
she knows German and can dance really well..
ballerina and i can remember your "cha cha cha"! XD
very good at Maths as well.. i like her shoes!!

Pearly.. she prefers being called Xiao Li..
can be considered Mr K's favourite student..
but always late for class.. why la?
she likes food but seems to eat small portions only!
and till now, i don't think i look like a crow lor..
may be talk like one yes la.. hehe..
and i love her style of dressing.. very nice! ^^
please let me have Kyuhyun too! he's H.O.T.!!

Ee Ching.. the only girl who's taller than me in class!
but i still look like a giant next to her.. sigh,,
a hygiene freak.. who doesn't share food with us,
if we touched it.. hehe.. the market very cheap leh..
"lin ji kang" very nice there.. i'll make you come! XD
she danced "cha cha cha" with Yuin on the corridor!
and she is fantabulous with the piano! *jealous*

Swee Yin.. the all-Japanese girl except for their guys!
she can read and understands Japanese.. cool!
she dresses with the Harajuku style at times..
she has the loveliest collection of boots.. nice! ^^
but i order you to not grab MY C.H.U.N.! =P

L-R: Stephanie, Siao Han and Kai Sin

Stephanie.. short hair looks great on you!
thank you for taking charge of the class T-shirt..
i still find that Elmo shirt of yours cute..
sometimes you asked questions that blurred me,
but i still find you very lovable!
another "dai ka jie" but small in size.. hehe..

Siao Han.. the "diam diam ubi berisi" girl!
thanks for your help and i hope you won't mind me
bugging you about Pharmacy so often..
you have been really sweet to talk to..
i remember stalking you in the SAM garden.
that was really funny when you defended it.. *peace*

Kai Sin.. her randomness is pretty funny!
another girl who makes the class Laugh Out Loud!
she always ask me about Maths questions..
sorry that i couldn't always solve them.. *pai seh*
and you should have seen her phone!
it is as thick and as wide as 2.5 of my pens! cool leh?

Yik Sheng.. our class representative!
the Charlie among the angels and the Ah Long!
his second home is the college library.. why la?
he's very responsible too.. he was my group leader..
he would compile our work a month before it's due!
and of cos the guy i talked most to in college.. haha

the Stoners.. L-R: Jolene, Sangeeta, Shu Yi and Jia Le

Jolene.. the pretty girl with great slang!
she's often the bait used to attract guys attention
when we need an extra table at the food store.. =P
she stones a lot in class, that's why she's the head!
thanks for starting a class at Mr George's too! ^^

Sangeeta.. one of the first names i remembered..
because she was out-spoken and sporting!
her comments are very spontaneous and funny!
plus she chose me as her lesbian partner.. hehe..
but we are perfectly straight! *rash rash rash*
i have a friend who is in the same class as him..
i just found out few days back!
and give me another name other than Alice.. XD

Shu Yi.. the pretty girl with squeeky cute voice!
i thought you were really pretty in that cheongsam!
next time bring me to PD's clean beaches.. can?
how did the nickname Myvi come about? hehe..

Jia Le.. Lele with small eyes!
when she smiles, you could only see a slit! hehe..
i know you absolutely love being in pictures..
and i am really sorry that i didn't sms you to come!
you lameness is funny and comparable to Eu Nee's..
i remember for AS, the negative Bohr effect..
in A2, if the embryo sticks on right endometrium,
will the babies be right handed? funny!!!

Anand.. the other guy in class who is often MIA..
he once tried teaching me and Shi Wen to swear..
because he has never heard us swear..=.=
but he failed the mission miserably! haha..
and his most responsible act i could remember?
Google-ing on how to start the BBQ fire..
he bought all the charcoals and wire too.. =)

Siew Li.. the girl i talk least to in class..
there are times i find it difficult for us to talk..
as she uses the high-tech English and terms..
i hope for the best for you!

us peeing with the opposite gender's way.. my idea! *whacked*

Sang asked: why the driver so short one? XD

the train got longer and moving.. *chut chut*

framed in the letter "O"..

being creative with the letters "R'S"

advertisement for Taylor's.. take 1!

advertisement for Taylor's.. take 2!

advertisement for Taylor's.. take 3!

advertisement for Taylor's.. take 4!

many thanks to the leng zai photographer..

hugs to Siao Han and Sun Mei for their cameras! ^^
0701PM10 is one of my coolest class ever!
i am and will be missing you all dearly..
a week more till A2 Finals.. FIGHTING!!

p/s: this is meant to be a happy post.. =)

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