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Saturday, May 3, 2008

dare to dream

i believed that everyone of you knows that Blogger
has this new feature that publishes our scheduled posts?
means that my 3 months soon-to-be absence
will not result in a dead blog! this is good news to me!
i should start having some blogspiration now.. =P

anyway, i was looking at my some of draft posts..
and i found this interesting.. dated back to 13 October 2007:

few days back in college before AS Finals..
my class representative, Yik Sheng (Yik) started a
conversation between Yizhen (Yz), Eu Nee (Nee),
Sun Mei (Mei), Melissa (Mel), Shi Wen (Wen) and i (me).

please note that nearly everyone in my class, 0701PM10
intend to further our studies in medical line,
with exception of Yizhen who wants to be a lawyer..

***start of conversation***

Yik: before this, Melissa said that she is going to marry a
rich man.

Mel: ya, so?

Yik: so i am planning to open a hospital in the future and
i need your future husband to finance it..
the hospital will be name after you..

Nee: Yik Sheng will be a doctor there, so is Shi Wen..
i can be the psychologist, Sun Mei will be a nurse..

: why am i the nurse?

: cos we need one la..

: Meng Yean can be the dentist and i'll be the lawyer
who will settle any lawsuit against the hospital..

: why do you need a dentist in the hospital?

: we want to have a variety of facilities under one roof!

Wen: wah.. it's like a PM10 hospital..

: ya.. and we can name it Princess Mel 10 hospital..
*everyone looks at her* PM10 hospital in short!

: haha.. very good.. so that's our plan!

***end of conversation***

we are very ambitious ain't we?
our plan can suceed after Melissa finds a rich husband..
and we all get good grades for A levels.. haha..
i think more professionals should get involved..
like Stephanie the doctor, pharmacists Siao Han, Sangeeta
and Xiao Li.. not quite sure about others though.. *whacked*

oh, Mel and i went to IMU to send in our applications..
i tell you, our journey was very time consuming this morning!
cos none of us (naming us two plus Mel's parents)
know how to get there.. we missed turnings..
thank god the adults have the patience!
Mel, your parents very nice la.. hehe.. thanks so much! =)

after that, we went for brunch at Damansara Jaya..
i forgot the restaurant's name.. it was packed with people!
we ordered nasi lemak la.. their fried chicken was tasty!
and i ordered the most expensive Milo drink ever..

i think it's ice blended with Milo plus Milo topping..
made out of pure Milo and it was so sweet but heavenly!
the portion was so huge that i had to "da pao"..
the quite cute but short waiter say it's not very big cup..
and that i can finish wor.. but it seems to be the opposite!

presenting the yummylicious "Special Milo Dinosour"..=)

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