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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a birthday gift..


since this is officially your last year of being a teenager..
here's a special birthday gift to you..

i noticed that you love this word so much..
until the extend of you using it ever so often..
presenting to you:

L-R: Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho and Key

SHINee (pronounced as Shiny) is a new Korean boyband
founded by SM Entertainment..
they debuted around a week ago..
and is thought to be the lead of generation Y..
in terms of trendy dance, music and fashion!

their band name SHINee means "people receiving the light"
or to be more accurate.. spotlight!
their goal is to fascinate fans, regardless of age and
where they are from.. with their diverse music! kononnya la..

btw, if you didn't know..
the successful and popular K-pop music groups like
TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls' Generation
are also the brainchild of SM Entertainment.. =)

oh, this newbie may be a little too young for you..
they compromise of 5 members..
aged between 15-19 years old this year.. hehe

Onew (real name: Lee Jinki) is 19-to-be group leader..
Kim Jonghyun is exactly a year younger than Wen!
Lee Taemin, the youngest and turning 15..
Choi Minho is 17-to-be and freaking tall..
Key (Kim Kibum too!) and 53 weeks younger than me!

they all can speak Chinese and also taller than me.. haha
shortest is 173cm while the tallest is 181cm.. *whistles*
check them out from SHINee's official website..

this is their debut MV: Replay / Noona Is So Pretty
btw, noona is how Korean guys call an elder girl.. *peace*

OMG!!! they totally can sing so well.. LIVE!!!
this is their official debut performance..
a MUST watch.. not even out of tune leh..
they are not as hot as DBSK or some SuJu but then.. *drools*
must see how they perform next before i fall for them.. XD

oh.. and they gave lollipops to their fans too.. so nice! ^^

realized one thing?
they wore the same clothes for the MV, debut performance
and the fan meeting session.. probably by purpose?
so that fans can identify SHINee members easily! =)

so Yizhen ah.. just say "SHINee" and you can have them all!
but Shi Wen and i may grab them away in no time.. =P

p/s: this is my first ever scheduled post..
i am having my exam in few hours time.. wish me luck!

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