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Friday, May 30, 2008

Fahrenheit's latest Jap MV

//EDIT: i finally uploaded the pictures for the May 22 post! =)

this is Fahrenheit's Japanese MV: Stay With You
the song is just alright la.. hehe..
but they look so awesome in white!! *day-dreaming*

here's the lyrics of the song translated from Japanese:

fuki nuketa kaze ga yurashi teru
shin ryoku no kaate n
hito hira kimi no ho o ima kazaru shizuku

nani o ieba ii ii takute demo ienai de iru
kowareta tokei mitai sa
I can't step over myself

furu eteru kata o tsuyoku daki yosetai no ni

I just wanna Stay With You
hitori de nakanai de
sono namida kawakasu yo o na
I can be your sunshine forever
kesenai kizu nara kizuna ni kae nagara
mirai dake boku dake o mite
We can be together zutto ei en ni

sumikitta sora to taiyo ga
egao o okureru yo ni
shime kitta mado
I keep on knocking on your door

tame ratta mama ja kiseki na n te oko senai

I just wanna Stay With You
ima kimi ni tsuta e yo ano egao omo i daserusa
I promise if I can be your one
kokoro no sokokara kimi wo aishiteru
itsu mademo hanasana i kara
I'll be there for you when you need me
because I love you
kagi ga aku oto ga ima kiko e ta kigashita

(repeat this part once again)

but i don't understand the lyrics at all..
except for the English part la.. obvious right?
so Swee Yin or Chee yin.. can help me ah? *blinks blinks*

listen to Wu Chun speak in Cantonese too..
he's just as good as me.. haha..
his name in Cantonese is "Hmm Jiun".. so funny!

i wonder when will his debut Hong Kong movie be release?
and i hope he really didn't had a relationship with Ella..
i mean how could he with that tomboy? @#$%^

and OMG!!! Fahrenheit coming to KLCC tomorrow..
to promote Cannon camera at 2.30pm..
sure filled with fans like me or more fanatic than me de! XD
i want to go.. but got other pre-scheduled stuff to do..
hopefully i can make it on time! *cross fingers*

when i told my mum about it..
my youngest brother who were next to us went like:
" Jie, you everytime also want to see Wu Chun..
why not marry him then can see him everyday!"
haha.. how i wish lor.. ^^V

but i got EVERYTIME see him meh?
this is only like my 4th time asking permission to see Chun..
1st was the S.H.E concert.. next was a charity concert..
then it was the Romantic Princess promotion..
and now is this.. fourth time only ma.. =P

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