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Friday, May 23, 2008

how stupid..

warning! whining post ahead..
if you are lazy to read..
the main points are in different colour..
i did it for your convenience! hehe

ishh.. i am getting pissed right now..

one of the computers in my house got virus..
which is the computer i am using right now..
not my laptop.. thank god!
as in being attacked by viruses kao kao..

last time it was this "Hacked by Pokemon" thing..
it was like a year back or something..
so every time i used Internet Explorer..
the words on blue bar right on top of the window..
"Hacked by Pokemon" will start moving.. =.=""

and this time the virus attack Mozilla Firefox only!
so when i clicked on to the Firefox icon..
a pop-up window will appear..
and on the blue bar of the window says:
and right below is written:

yup, that's exactly the words on my screen.. sigh..

now i can't even scan this computer for viruses..
really cannot be saved any more la..
have to send for reformatting..
means all my files will be deleted! sadnya..
luckily i have back up copies for my pictures and songs..
saved them long ago else where, so should be ok right?

talking about viruses..
my phone also kena virus already.. 4 different kinds leh!
so next time don't even bother Bluetooth-ing me.. T__T

but i just don't get it lor..
this people so smart and have so much time..
can they put there brains into better use?
instead of inventing viruses that put others into misery?

yet another thing to mention..
people sometimes don't use their common senses..
have you been reading the papers lately?

first the Tun Mahathir resignation from UMNO..
i don't get why he still making a fuss in politics..
yes, i did look high upon him in the past..
i recall standing on the stage of Stadium Bukit Jalil,
my card and name displayed on the large screen..
followed by a live telecast of that moment..
in front of thousands of people in the stadium.. =)

it was totally a last minute entry, and i got lucky!
i was one of the 21 children chosen
among thousands of participants throughout Malaysia..
to present my DIY card to Dr Mahathir..
to commemorate his 21 years of service as a Prime Minister..
shaking hands with Dr Mahathir and Dr Siti Hasmah..
with my heart pumping so quickly and hands trembling!
that was way back in 2002..
and it was one of my proudest moments of my life! hehe..

come on, how often will you get to shake Mahathir's hand
and speak with him face to face..
without a large crowd pushing towards you..
and bodyguards around him blocking you?
that happened the next day when we were at
his office in Putrajaya alright!
but it paid off cause i passed him another card..
(the organisers asked me to make another one)
and got his and his wife's signature.. thanks to my bro!

respected Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad..

ok, back to my point now..
i mean, he's 80 plus year old already..
he should be happily retired by now..
enjoying slow walks around the garden with his wife or
travel around the world since he has so much money!
but he what he chose instead?
to dig out as much dirt of the past..
(as people use the phrase "dirty politics")
and ideas to bring down his handpicked predecessor!

read more about Mahathir's opinions in his blog

his attitude totally turns people off.. especially for
those who regard him as one of the greatest man alive!
at least in my opinion la..
so i say.. Tun, let your legacy and your Mahathirism..
be memories of the past which would be appreciated..
please don't let your image and reputation be tarnished!

whether the current government will triumph or flop..
just let them be.. you said ministers and BN members
are all Pak Lah's yes-men..
i believe they were the same during your time..
have you thought of that? i doubt so..
so just let the matter rest and off your fist ok?

try to stop being a superman!

next is aboout a psychotic woman called Munirah..
she thinks our "sexy" Malaysian school uniform for girls..
are attracting rape and sexually arouse men!
i was like @#$%^&* when i read her article yesterday!
walao eh.. female against female..

have you seen how the uniform look like?
the pinafore, baju kurung and the Form 6 girls' uniform?
they have been around since forever..
so why didn't she complain when she was wearing them?
my as well ask our girls wear guni sacks to school..
oh wait, guni sacks are much sexier than the uniform!

primary school girls' uniform

the baju kurung clad girls

how much you want the students to cover up?
i looked at my mum's school days pictures..
the teachers were wearing mini skirts to school leh!
as in until half the thigh.. it was the fashion back then..
and guess what? regardless of the races and religion..
all the students were wearing shorts for sports..
yes, as short as the mini skirts.. how about now?
i guess some people's mentality goes backwards
and Malaysia is trying to progress forward..
which is really really really sad..

yes, i would still love to call myself a Malaysian..
so voicing out my opinion is also part of transparency
our government is emphasizing so much about!
but i doubt my personal opinion make any differences..
cos i am not anybody influential.. haha..

Buddha once said..
"Hatred cannot be ceased by hatred, but by love."
i don't hate anybody, so *peace*

thank you for reading this freaking long post of mine!
p/s: all pictures are from the internet..

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