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Saturday, May 31, 2008

battle of the bands

this is a super lame post.. in the name of fun! *peace*
you just have to guess which band or singing group
i am referring to based on the clues given ok?
from the east and west, whether disbanded or not..
they are/were popular at their prime, that's why i know them!
so here goes.. =)

1. what happens when you put a pretty gal, a vain gal
and a tomboy together? S.H.E.

2. the big group of guys which seniors are afraid of and
gals are crazy about? Super Juniors

3. when the sun rise from the east, not the Japanese flag ok?
Dong Bang Shin Ki / TVXQ / 东方神起

4. girl scouts rule over the boys!
Girls' Generation / So Nyuh Shin Dae (SNSD)

5. different temperatures form a dynamic equilibrium..
Fahrenheit / 飞轮海

6. when they are here, most adults get a day off..
Mayday / 五月天

7. 5 guys under an umbrella..
183 Club (if read in Chinese, sounds like 一把伞)

8. two sets of double digit numbers adjacent to each other..

9. they will always be there, but just in different forms..

10. i think they are

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