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Saturday, May 17, 2008

my productivity this week

seriously, i need to stay away from my books for a while!
somehow now, my head is feeling very heavy..
it's not that it's fully filled with information alright..
our brains can store 1 million plus another
i-don't-know-how-many-miles of zeroes..
(the distance is approximately from earth to the moon!)
gigabytes of information.. it's definitely a lot!
like a memory of a few billion computers!!
so obviously my brains still have a lot of space.. =.=

i have been studying in the library for the past week!
not alone la of cos, studying together with my classmates..
Shi Wen, Melissa, Sun Mei and Yizhen..
at least i studied more than i studied at home.. haha..

but on Thursday, the 5 of us went prom dress shopping..
it was tiring but fun.. haha..
we are planning on casual wear shopping next! XD

talking about Thomas Cup now..
i hope the Koreans make the Chinese fight till the end..
just like Malaysia against China in the semi-finals..
that stupid Hafiz Hashim!! *@!#$%^&*
he didn't even put up a fight for god's sake..
even if he did, it didn't last long.. ish.. that attitude of his!
Malaysia have no other players ma???

the only Malaysians who fought well yesterday were..
Lee Chong Wei who beat Lin Dan in straight sets..
and Mohd Fairuzizuan Mohd tazari - Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif
who beat Xie Zhong Bo - Guo Zhen Dong of China..
their winning styles were superb!! XD

maximum adreline rush in Lee Chong Wei

world no.1 Lin Dan

Bao Cun Lai beat old-timer Wong Choon Han

winning moment for Fairuzizuan and Zakry (L-R)

Chen Jin beat "very hot when hot, very cold when cold" Hafiz

Malaysia had to settle for the bronze medal..

Park Sung Hwan won Korea's first semi-final match in style!

Koreans ecstatic when Lee Hyun Il sealed a place
for them in their first ever Thomas Cup finals

i am looking forward for today's 1st men's doubles match!
between the following two teams.. hehe..
i absolutely love see them playing.. *love love love*
i like Cai Yun and Lee Yong Dae better.. *day dreaming*

Cai Yun-Fu Hai Feng of China

Jung Jae Sung- Lee Yong Dae of Korea

as much as i want Koreans to win this year's Thomas Cup,
i think the Chinese deserve more due to their sportmanship!
Koreans used dirty tactics as you all knew..
so it'll be an interesting battle thus evening! wee~

plus next week we will see the American Idol finale..
the day of my first paper! *gulps*

the battle of the Davids: Cook VS Archuleta

do look at their transformations throught the Idol phase..
i think hottie pie Cook will beat cutie pie Archuleta *peace*
that's my opinion.. what about yours?

and btw, my favourite quote of the week by Shi Wen:
"Can you be more productive?"
yes i can! off to the books now! hehe..

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