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Thursday, May 22, 2008

and so..

still have no idea who's the American Idol 2008?
watch this.. it's freaking awesome!!! =)

anyway, i had my first A2 Finals paper this morning..
an hour after the result show was aired live..
so yeah.. 5 more papers to go.. *prays prays*

after today's Biology paper, hopefully i can score well.. =)
5 of us: me, Shi Wen, Melissa, Sun Mei and Yizhen..
the same people who went prom dress shopping together!
headed to Sunway Pyramid for lunch at Sushi Zanmai..
wee~ finally i ate there!!!

i was so hungry that i could practically eat a cow!
i know i am exaggerating but then this is my expression! =P
i was hungry throughout the entire paper..
drinking lots of water to prevent my stomach from growling..
i did ate my breakfast ok.. cereal and energy bar!

so i have no idea why my stomach emptied so fast..
probably due to the increase secretion of stress hormones..
causing more carbohydrates used as respiratory substrate!
i am crapping.. *ignore me*

ok, so back to Sushi Zanmai..
when you are hungry, it's best to just order sushi..
as long as there's rice, it's good!
ate some dishes recommended by Shi Wen.. ^^

then, it was time for the surprise birthday cake..
Shi Wen and i brought it along to the restaurant for Yizhen..
both of us came separately from the 3 of them, you see..
oh btw, Yizhen's birthday is next week..
it falls on the only exam day that has 2 papers.. sad-nya!
so we decided to celebrate for her in advance! =)

when the cake arrived at our table,
the blurred Yizhen went like:
"is that Melissa's cake?" we were all like stunned..
"Melissa your birthday is in May too right?" @.@
all 3 of us were like "NOOOO!!!"
it took her N-seconds to realize the cake was for her.. =.="

Yizhen's reasoning was because Melissa sat in the middle!

next was the lighting of a candle on the cake..
the wind from the air-cond was blowing towards us..
so no matter how the waitress lit it, it went off..
she got the manager to switch off the air-cond for a while..
but her efforts was in vain, so what the waitress did was..
lit the candle and placed her palm around the flame..
while we were singing the birthday song..
we can't stop laughing about it.. haha..

after 1234567890 times of lighting the candle.. haha..

glad that you had a great surprise! XD

another memorable thing was that..
after a number of pictures were taken..
we ate our slices of cake with chopsticks!
a recorded first! hehe..

Yizhen ecstatic when cutting the cake..

so the pro "cake-cutter" Shi Wen took over..

she finally managed to pull the candle out!

eating the cake the Japanese style: with chopsticks.. ^^

after that we went for a round of shopping..
supposedly for clutches and shoes for prom..
but we ended up empty-handed when it was time to leave..
my legs were killing me during the window shopping..
lack of exercise, that explains the increase in weight too!

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