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Thursday, May 1, 2008

my poor left hand

i think my left hand is accident-prone, like seriously!
you don't believe? i'll prove it..

on Saturday morning i went to have my blood test done..
i saw the same young but balding guy holding the needles..
a year ago, after extracting 3 syringes of my blood,
he left a bruise on my hand.. T.T
so i got kinda paranoid la, i informed my dad about him..

when it was my turn, my dad lectured that guy a little..
informing that i am quite afraid of him..
so this time, after tightening my hand and due to fear..
he whacked it for like 3 minutes?
just to see the vein more clearly!
and with just 1 poke *phew* last time twice leh!
he extracted 3 ml of my blood.. and i was thankful!

the next day i found a freaking bruise.. around 5cm long!
and till today it's still there.. T___T
but my dad don't seem to have any bruise on his hand..
is it the guy's unskillfulness? or me and my lousy vein?

just take a look at my left arm.. sigh..

Mr Karamjeet or fondly known as Mr K my Maths lecturer..
said i should sue the guy! i was like @.@
he mentioned that only doctors,
not nurses or medical assistants
have to right to inject or extract stuff from our body!
if they poke you more than once to get the needle in
or if you get bruised because of that, you can sue them!
Mr K's relative is a doctor, so he knows..
but sue people wor? i no money!

ok, then on Monday, or was it Tuesday? can't really recall..
i was searching for my eraser in my pencil box..
for those who don't know, the small space is filled with
pens, pencil, ruler, protractor, compass, keys, stones etc..
my former tuition teacher gave the stones for luck! =)

i was searching, ok, more like feeling for my eraser..
(Mel, don't go think other stuff ah~ i was still writing!)
and then suddenly i got pricked on my index finger..
the prick wasn't from the compass but from a cracked stone!
so blood started oozing out from the tiny spot.. sigh..

and today, around an hour ago to be more precise..
i cut my pinky while cutting mango!
the cut is like 0.5cm long!
i have no idea why i can never cut mango properly..
i am good at cutting vegetables and fruits but not mango!
it's really weird cos even my youngest brother can cut it.. T.T

the last time i cut my finger (left hand again)
was few years back during a gathering..
and it was my first time cutting watermelon..
i had to go to a doctor cos it was quite a deep cut..
but thankfully not deep enough for stitches!

this sad case is my left pinky! it did hurt a little..

ok, enough about my poor left hand..
let's talk about happy stuff! that is in my point of view la..

on Monday, our only break was at 9am..
so since we got coupons for free redemption,
we went to get our free Sausage MacMuffin from McD..
on the way, we met Mel's church friend, Cattlyn i think..
she was holding this gorgeous folder, exaggerating a little!
it was a freebie when you buy the album 2Face Fahrenheit..
my point is.. an A4 size of Wu Chun's picture at the back!

can't resist the temptation.. just for remembrance! =)

and yesterday, Yun Xin finally lent me this book of hers!
Fahrenheit's First Photo Album.. weee~~

the front cover..

the back

one of the group picture.. L-R: Calvin, Jiro, Aaron, Chun..

but everyone knows what i will look at most.. C.H.U.N.!!!
i read the all passage filled with hard Chinese words..
for Chun's journey only la.. the rest i breezed through.. hehe..

my conclusion?
from my most to least favourite Fahrenheit member..

Chun is the still the hottest.. duh~
he has the best body.. although his veins are jutting out..
and his lips are a bit weird, but if he smiles.. i'll swoon!

Calvin's height is the most desired.. but he should be fatter!
Aaron has the most mesmerizing eyes.. but short! =P
Jiro has the juiciest lips but he's too pretty for my liking!

leaving his mark.. *conteng-conteng*

gazing far away~ *loves*

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