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Sunday, May 25, 2008

love for Joe

my Joe Cheng's latest Taiwanese idol drama is out!
but i have no idea why it's still not on YouTube.. T__T
probably those up-loaders watch GTV and not CTS ba..
CTS aired the 1st episode last night at 10pm..
while GTV will be airing it on May 31 at 10.30pm!
a long wait for me.. aiyaya..

i forgot to introduce the drama hor..
it's called 蜂蜜幸运草 / Honey and Clover..
it is based on a popular manga series of the same name..
the anime and Japanese real-life version were out long ago!
now here comes the Taiwanese version.. can't wait!!! XD

L-R: 彭于晏/Eddie Peng, 李国毅/Lego Li, Japanese Ito Chiaki,
张钧宁/Janine Chang
and 郑元畅/Joe Cheng

here is the Honey and Clover preview..

the love triangles chart.. hehe..

next is the MV:
幸运草的祝福 / Wishes of The Lucky Clover
sung by Clover band, the cast of this series..
i prefer seeing them acting much more than singing! =)

now this is the ending song.. quite nice la..
it's called 想你的习惯 / Habit of Thinking About You..

i felt the female characters don't look good with Joe!
i believe the only reason is because..
i miss the Joe Cheng - Ariel Lin on-screen coupling.. haha..
take a look at all their 43 kisses..
lasting from 5 seconds to 3 minutes.. =P
from the middle of 恶作剧之吻 / It Started With A Kiss..
all the way to the end of 恶作剧2吻 / They Kissed Again! ^^

and that was how their story ended.. aww..
now you know why they make a good on-screen couple!

anyway, check out more about Honey and Clover..
the Taiwanese idol series i meant, in their website.. enjoy!

ok, i know i should be studying.. not blogging! *peace*

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