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Monday, May 12, 2008


i have just finished my MUET speaking test..
and i totally screwed it big time.. like seriously!

the topic given was "Humans' Greatest Weakness"..
four points were given to us to elaborate..
1. desire for food
2. desire for money
3. desire for fame
4. desire for power

so basically we were each given 2 minutes to think
and support the points on our paper..
and then another 2 minutes to talk about it..
i was to talk about the 2nd point..
i know that's the point everyone would agree on..
and had the most things to talk about..
but i only spoke for like a minute and went blank after that!
that is how i screwed myself..

and you know what's the worst thing?
practically my whole group went out of topic..
the guys didn't read the question properly..
so the 1st guy, Christopher actually disagreed on his point..
and went on elaborating about mine..
i was like "err.." and tried to give him signals..
then the examiner reminded him about what he should say..
and he went like "yes, i am talking about it"
and continued disagreeing about his point! *pengsan*

like i have said.. i screwed myself..
the next guy Soon Leng, he talked about the wrong point!
he was going on and on about the 4th point..
when his was actually the 3rd.. swtness..
at the end he had only a few seconds to think and talk!

the girl Pei Qi who said she speaks broken English..
i think she performed the best lor..
she spoke quite fluently and at least she didn't stop like me!

now time for group discussion..
again, the guys started first and went on and on..
their argument was like out of topic..
so i tried bringing it back and they went out again..
then the examiners reminded us to stay on track!
and guess what? we brought our conclusion in 6 minutes..
i saw the clock next to me ma..
it is supposed to be 10 minutes! WTH right?

then we asked the examiners how did we do?
they said "quite bad".. cos we went out of topic..
and when questioned about how bad can it get?
they said "no comment".. =.=

i am so screwed.. i don't think can get Band 5 already lor..
i preferred IELTS speaking test more than this!
at least when i am blank,
the examiner will move on to the next question!
although i must admit that the rest of the MUET papers
were much easier to understand.. hehe..

*prays prays prays*

good thing about MUET?
you get to make more friends!
the familiar strangers i met everyday..
i spoke to them for the first time.. hehe..

oh btw, i did side parking today..
for the first time since the JPJ test.. and i succeeded! ^^

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